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Topeka Cop Tickets Teen For Recording Him Speeding







” At 17 years of age, Addison Mikkelson is on a mission to keep police in Topeka, Kansas honest.

But the more he tries, the more he realizes he has his work cut out for him.

  As you may remember, Mikkelson was arrested for jaywalking in December when he crossed the street to try and video record cops at a convenience station.

  Then in January, he was confronted by police officer who used every line in the book to try to keep him from video recording a security checkpoint in the state’s capitol building.

  His latest run-in involves him video recording a Topeka police officer who had been speeding ten miles over the speed limit, then didn’t use his turn signal and didn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign.

  When the cop, whose last name is Cartmill , noticed Mikkelson video recording from his car, he gave him two citations; one for “inattentive driving,” another for having a “TV screen in view of the driver.” “


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Andrew Scott Boguslawski Stopped For Speeding; Had 48 Bombs In Car



48 Bombs



” A man stopped for speeding in Ohio was charged with illegally making or possessing an explosive device after nearly 50 bombs and four guns were found in his vehicle.

  Andrew Scott Boguslawski, 43, was arrested late New Year’s Day on Interstate 70 west of Columbus. Investigators found two pistols, two rifles, 48 explosive devices and tools and materials to make additional explosives, according to The (London) Madison Press . Also inside was a remote detonating device, Assistant Madison County Prosecutor Nick Adkins said.”








Cop Sees Motorcycle At 140 MPH

Maybe Adam Lester Really Had To Go To The Bathroom



” That’s what Lester, 26, told the police officer who had just clocked his motorcycle at 140 mph Tuesday night on the McNaughton Bridge, police said.

He had to wait until the officer took him to police headquarters under arrest for speeding more than 40 mph over the limit and fleeing and attempting to elude police, both misdemeanors, as well as other traffic violations.

The officer also cited Lester, of 18384 Thompson St. in rural Pekin, for endangering the safety of a minor, the 16-year-old girl who clung to him as his passenger on the high-speed ride. That charge, however, was not included among those a prosecutor filed Wednesday in Tazewell County Circuit Court.”









‘What Joy To Set Police Speed Guns Off’: Spanish Driver Whose Derailed Train Killed At Least 80 People While Travelling At 120mph In 50mph Zone Posted Boasting Facebook Photo Of Speedometer



” A driver of the Spanish train which hurtled off the tracks and smashed into a wall, killing at least 80 people, previously boasted of speeding on his Facebook page.

Francisco Jose Garzon, one of the drivers on the train which crashed, leaving up to 141 people injured including one Briton, is reported to have posted a picture on the site of a train speedometer at 125mph last year.

According to reports he also boasted about how fast he was going. The webpage has disappeared after images appeared on Spanish TV and newspaper websites.”


Accident: The train jumped the tracks on a bend just before arriving in the northwestern shrine city of Santiago de Compostela



“Alongside the photo, which was published in March last year, he wrote: ‘What joy it would be to get level with the police and then go past them making their speed guns go off. Ha ha!.’

It came after a Spanish court said one of the drivers of the train was being held in custody in hospital.”