McConnell: From Now On We Will Automatically Surrender To The Democrats


McConnell Caves On Spending



” By promising that under no circumstances will there ever be another government shutdown, what McConnell has done is telegraph to Harry Reid that he will absolutely, under no circumstances, walk away from the table without a deal. You don’t see Reid doing that. He doesn’t care if the government shuts down, and he is certainly not going to give in to McConnell’s demands to see that it won’t.

By the way, notice how Schieffer cleverly affirms McConnell’s surrender instinct by treating him as Mr. Reasonable while wondering aloud how he will ever deal with that insane Ted Cruz or those horrible Tea Party people who are “going nuts” and threatening to primary him. This is classic. It’s how the media helped turn John McCain into mush. They pet him on the head when he’s a good little Republican who goes along with “the way things are done in this town,” and they make it clear that if he ever steps out of line like that icky Ted Cruz, he will lose their favor.

So there you have it. Democrats already know Republicans will not stand up to them again on budgetary matters, because Republicans are too afraid of the shutdown Democrats will gladly permit if that’s what it takes to get their way. There will be no spending sanity. There will be no changes to the tax code (unless it’s to raise rates, of course). There will be nothing done about ObamaCare. There will be nothing done about entitlements. Democrats refuse, and Republicans are afraid to fight.”


    Mitch McConnell should be ashamed of himself . If this is all that the Republican party can offer in the way of leadership there is no reason for anyone with any concern with the financial future of this country to think that there is any difference at all between the parties . We live in a one-party country and that’s a fact .