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How Every NFL Owner Made Their Money






”  Arizona Cardinals: Bill Bidwill

Owner since: 1972
The numbers:Forbes estimates the Cardinals are worth $961 million, making them the 24th-most-valuable team in the NFL.
Moving man: Bill Bidwill moved the team from St. Louis after his demands for a new stadium weren’t met.
How he got rich: Bidwill inherited the Cardinals from his father, Charles. Charles was a wealthy Chicago lawyer, and according to the book From Sandlots to the Super Bowl: The National Football League, 1920-1967, he had connections to Al Capone.


  Atlanta Falcons: Arthur Blank

Owner since: 2002
The numbers: The Falcons are estimated to be worth $933 million, placing them 26th in the NFL franchise financial rankings. Arthur Blank reportedly bought the team for $545 million.

More teams on the way? Blank has expressed interest in bringing a Major League Soccer team to Atlanta.
How he got rich: In 1978, Blank co-founded Home Depot. Story has it that during Home Depot’s early days, Blank and his business partner would stand in the parking lot handing out dollar bills to entice customers to browse the store. Blank is now worth an estimated $1.6 billion, meaning he could lure the entire population of China into a Home Depot if he wanted to.”


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“NFL 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL





Published on Jan 22, 2015

” “…and then you invented dirt lumps.” More of what COULD have been said in the NFL.
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Daily Comedy 12.1.14

Just For Laughs 2009 John Caponera Superfunny





Uploaded on Feb 5, 2011

” He’s talking about fan in sport, and people in Iraq that got no activity mouahahah VERY FUNNY “










Surfing @ 1000 Frames Per Second





” All images where shot using The Phantom Flex, Phantom Miro M-320S and the new Phantom 4K Flex with Arri Ultra prime lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing’s. Please visit my website for more info: WWW.CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM or EMAIL: CHRIS@CHRISBRYANFILMS.COM
FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS LINK: vimeo.com/108799588

Follow Chris on Instagram @CHRISBRYANFILMS if your interested in seeing more of his work and travels.
Edit: Tom Hannam
Music Artist: Hans Zimmer. Song:Time.
Soundmix: Mark Hills Soho Square Studios sohosquarestudios.com
Colour grade: Warren Lynch IC Films

Surfers in order of appearance:
Opening shot: Mark Matthews
Matthew Meola
Jay Davies
Craig Anderson
Clay Marzo
Kelly Slater
Creed McTaggert x 2
Billy Kean
Mark Matthews
Taj Burrow
Random surfer underwater
John-John Florence
Kelly Slater
John-John Florence
Jack Freestone
Dean Morrison
John-John Florence
Mikey Brennan
John-John Florence
Taj Burrow x 2
Caio Ibelli
John-John Florence (again)
Matthew Meola
Jay Davies. “

Auburn Tigers 20, Kansas State Wildcats 14: Suddenly, The Tigers Look Mortal







” The Tigers beat Kansas State on Thursday night, but it didn’t look pretty. Could Auburn’s luck finally be running out?

  Here’s the important thing: Auburn went on the road on a Thursday night and beat a Top 20 team. If the Tigers do well in the SEC schedule and are somehow in a battle for a playoff seed or a bowl seeded by the selection committee, the game Thursday night should play in their favor. And, of course, winning is always better than the alternative.

  But all of that said, the Tigers sure looked human tonight. Not that last year’s MacGyvered perfect regular season didn’t have plenty of opposing fans thinking that Auburn could be beaten this year. But the game against Kansas State seemed like the first piece of concrete evidence that the Tigers could be had, particularly if the Wildcats‘ offense or defense could have played a little better.

  What was most troubling was that the vaunted running game, the thing that powered Auburn during last year’s run to the national championship game, was perhaps the most mortal part of the Tigers’ team. Auburn gained a total of 128 yards on 45 rushing attempts — an average of 2.8 yards a carry. The big-play ability that the Tigers showed in 2013 was also lacking. According to cfbstats.com, Auburn had a per-game average of 10.5 rushing plays of 10 or more yards last season. According to the play-by-play from the Kansas State game, the Tigers had three Thursday night.”


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California Limits Full-Contact Youth Football Practices







” Gov. Jerry Brown announced Monday that he has signed a bill limiting full-contact football practices at middle and high schools in response to concerns about concussions, even as many teams already comply with the rules.

  Brown approved the bill, AB 2127, with the support of medical groups and the California Interscholastic Federation, which oversees California high school athletics.

  Assemblyman Ken Cooley, D-Rancho Cordova, said his bill is motivated by parents worried about the risks associated with concussions, which include long-term brain damage and early onset dementia.

  Under the legislation taking effect in 2015, drills involving game-speed tackling are prohibited in the offseason. They are limited to 90-minute sessions twice a week the rest of the year. The rules apply to public, private and charter schools.”


CBS News













Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: FIFA And The World Cup





Published on Jun 8, 2014

” John Oliver’s excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.”













Senators Urge NFL To Act On Redskins’ Name, Citing NBA Action With Donald Sterling






” Call it the Donald Sterling effect. A little over three weeks after the NBA banned Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for racist comments, 50 members of the U.S. Senate signed a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, urging the league’s leaders to press the Redskins to change their name.

“ The NFL can no longer ignore this and perpetuate the use of this name as anything but what it is: a racial slur,” the letter, which was obtained by the New York Times and circulated by Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) states. (It can be seen here.) “We urge the NFL to formally support a name change for the Washington football team.”

  Cantwell told the Times that “we are going to find out if the NFL can act against this kind of discrimination as quickly as the NBA did.”

  Harry Reid, the Democratic senator from Nevada and the Senate majority leader, has long advocated for a name change and cited the NBA’s action on May 1. “How long will the NFL continue to do nothing — zero — as one of its teams bears a name that inflicts so much pain on Native Americans?” Reid asked (via the Post’s Ed O’Keefe).”



    This is just the latest example of the Statist party attempting to force a “solution” on a non-existent problem :



” What gets far less attention, though, is this:

  There are Native American schools that call their teams Redskins. The term is used affectionately by some natives, similar to the way the N-word is used by some African-Americans. In the only recent poll to ask native people about the subject, 90 percent of respondents did not consider the term offensive, although many question the cultural credentials of the respondents.”



   Whatever happened to private property rights ? Is there any aspect of society beyond the purview of the swine in Congress ?

   This sort of meddling into the affairs of the private sector is a standard method of distraction used regularly by the powers that be , especially in election years , in a concerted effort to prevent the voters from voicing their objections to the real issues facing our corrupt government … Obamacare , Benghazi , illegal immigration , jobs , debt , and the list goes on and on . 

Read more of this latest attempt to legislate/mandate morality at , where else , the Washington Post








Sport Fishing Girls, Presented By Photographer Pat Ford



project_spf girls20140319_0027




” We know you’re out there, and we want to put you in our informative girls-only galleries. We hope you’ll discover something that you may not have known about a fish, a boat or a fishing destination. Send us your fishing photos to sfgirls@sportfishingmag.com. Enjoy our latest edition presented by Pat Ford.

  Amanda reeled in a permit off Bimini. Permit are widely considered the most elusive and wary trophy among flats anglers, permit range throughout tropical waters of the western Atlantic. Other species occur elsewhere, notably in tropical Australia.”



We can’t resist offering one more sample and positing the age old question; How do we get a job like this ?







” Jessica fishes out of Key West, Florida. Key West is known a wide variety of fish, inshore species include permit, bonefish and tarpon. Offshore species can include anything from dolphin to billfish.”




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Friday Firepower

Weaponry And What-not From The Brigade



Sporting event overwatch …


random 02 11 14 500 63 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)




The perfect Valentine’s Day gift …


random 02 11 14 500 25 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)




With the Olympics on everyone’s mind we thought we’d conclude the teasers with some “Big Air” …


random 02 11 14 500 54 Daily Afternoon Randomness (66 Photos)


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The Media’s Most Outrageous Olympic Outbursts



Sochi UK National Healthcare BS



” Sports fans checking in on coverage of Team USA at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia might want to brace themselves for unexpected outbursts of liberal preaching from reporters covering the games.

  Over the years the MRC has documented lefty reporters and writers using the games to celebrate socialist policies, bash expressions of patriotism and even work in jabs against Republicans, like when Bryant Gumbel, in 2006, complained that the “paucity” of black athletes “makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention.” 

  In the spirit of the games, the most outrageous journalists are competing with each other in three events for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. “


    MRCTV has provided a great service by creating this article . It shows the reader how the Olympics has been used as a political soapbox by the media for years in their efforts to push their liberal , statist agenda . With clips from Lillehammer , Beijing , Athens , Salt Lake City , Sochi and more MRC examines the American media propensity to push the partisan progressive agenda even as they bemoan the politicization of the Olympics on the part of Americans in the form of an “excessive” nationalism .

Be sure to read the whole thing and watch all the videos .









Prof.’s Website Tracks Weather Odds For Super Bowl






” Rutgers Prof. David Robinson’s website BigGameWeather.com has received a lot of interest from state officials making Super Bowl emergency preparedness plans.

Robinson is a climatologist: he studies weather patterns from over the past eight decades.”


The story continues here and Professor Robinson’s website is here .









The Shooting 50: Top Twitter Accounts To Follow In The Firearm Industry


The Shooting 50: Top Twitter Accounts to Follow in the Firearm Industry




” The Shooting 50 is our list of the most influential Twitter profiles in the firearms industry.

  The list includes nonprofit organizations, firearms manufacturers, media, journalists, and shooting sports athletes. Their Twitter profiles help their users navigate the complex firearms industry through engaging and informative conversations.

  The majority of these movers and shakers will gather next week in Las Vegas for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show, January 13-14, 2014, the largest shooting, hunting and tactical trade show in the world. Wide Open Spaces will have boots on the ground at SHOT Show bringing you complete coverage of the latest and greatest firearms products.

  Throughout 2014, Wide Open Spaces will have similar lists of influential figures, organizations and companies in other outdoor sports industries, including hunting and fishing.

  So, without further ado, here’s The Shooting 50:


1. The National Rifle Association – @NRA “



See the rest at Wide Open Spaces









Best of Web 5 – HD – Zapatou




Published on Jun 22, 2013

” The list of 187 videos used for this compilation:http://bit.ly/12ViEMZ

For mobile and people of France, Germany and Brazil:https://vimeo.com/68923932

Editing and Selection: Zapatou (Luc Bergeron)
Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/Y4bgqH
Facebook personnal: http://on.fb.me/10bfylt
Twitter: http://bit.ly/stqeOj

Music: Hold On (Vicetone Extended Edit) – NERVO
YouTube: http://bit.ly/14fcLa9
Site: http://www.nervomusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nervomusic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nervomusic
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nervomusic
VICETONE (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/VicetoneOffi…

Best of Web 1: http://bit.ly/u25R3f
Best of Web 2: http://bit.ly/syiEWc
Best of Web 3: http://bit.ly/Ueb6Bb
Best of Web 4: http://bit.ly/12jlYRG
Best of Web 5: http://bit.ly/132vsTb “










Auburn vs. Tennessee Highlights

WWE embarrassed as wrestling match outcomes leaked online

” A fan has provoked a furor in the world of professional wrestling after leaking the outcomes of 38 WWE matches ahead of the pay-per-view bouts.

The mystery fan, who identifies himself online as Dolphins1925, claims he has obtained the information from a source at Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), and is revealing the results to highlight the organisation’s failure to keep its storylines confidential.”

Extreme Fishing: 5 Techniques of the
Adventurous Angler


” Whether noodling for catfish, shooting carp
with a bow and arrow, or being tugged
through the water by a sea bass, fishing can
be more than a tranquil pastime.”

Posted by John Galt

There Are No Words To Describe What You’re About To See


Published on Apr 27, 2013

” There are no words to describe what you’re about to see.

A Son asked his father, “Dad, will you take part in a marathon with me?” The father who, despite having a heart condition, says “Yes”. They went on to complete the marathon together. Father and son went on to join other marathons. The father always saying “Yes” to his son’s request of going through the race together. One day, the son asked his fater, “Dad, let’s join the Ironman together.”

To which, his father said “Yes”.

For those who don’t know, Ironman is the toughest triathlon ever. The race encompasses three endurance events of a 2.4 mile (3.86 kilometer) ocean swim, followed by a 112 mile (180.2 kilometer) bike ride and ending with a 26.2 mile (42.195 kilometer) marathon along the coast of the Big Island.

Father and son went on to complete the race together! “



HT/Knowledge Of Today




Horrific Scenes On The Streets Of Pamplona As Three Men Are Brutally Gored In Bloodiest Day Yet Of This Year’s Running Of The Bulls

” He was running excitedly for his life with 1,200lb of raging bull on his tail. And then he tripped.

In that split second yesterday, this young thrill-seeker’s carnival adventure turned into a horror show that put him inches from death.

Before screaming crowds and live on TV, he was trampled, tossed and crushed, gored in the groin and impaled at one stage on the bull’s horn.

He spent 40 seconds at the mercy of the massive black beast before helpers managed to drag him to safety.

Incredibly, he survived. But yesterday  the incident reignited controversy over this year’s Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain, on what became its bloodiest day.

Three people were gored and at least six badly injured in the run, celebrated annually by participants from all over the world and universally condemned  by campaigners against animal cruelty. ” 
Agony: A 20-year-old American was gored in the stomach and a 42-year-old Spaniard in the arm

10 Fish-Fighting Videos That’ll Get Your Heart Pumping





” If this doesn’t get you juiced about fishing, nothing will. If you’ve never caught a mako shark, you might want to give it a try. They jump like no other fish in the sea. These guys found out when they hooked up at the 2:00 mark in this video. Their hollers are genuine and ring true to the spirit of angling, watching in awe as the shark launches into the air time after time.”

See all ten videos here







Fishermen Reel In Massive Swordfish, Expected To Be Biggest Ever In Texas






” A group of fishermen have got quite a tale to tell and possibly bragging rights for a record catch!

It could be a new state record — a massive fish weighing in at nearly 500 pounds was pulled out of the Gulf of Mexico this week.

“This is the biggest one that we’ve caught here in the Gulf of Mexico,” boat captain Jeff Wilson said. “It was 500 the day before but we had to ice it and bring it in and it loses weight during that process.”

The crew aboard the Booby Trap sport fishing boat caught what may turn out to be the largest recorded swordfish ever caught in the state. A fisherman named Brian Barclay was holding the lucky rod. The fish measured 107 inches and weighed 493 pounds. The previous record is 341 pounds and 124 inches, set back in January 2011. And as you might imagine, this swordfish put up one heck of a fight.”







Raw: America’s Cup Boat Capsizes in S.F. Bay

” One sailor died another was hurt after a boat carrying a Swedish flag capsized Thursday in San Francisco Bay while practicing for the upcoming America’s Cup races. (May 9)”


Marlin Magazine










 Via The Examiner









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2013 Kentucky Derby Lineup Revealed: Post Positions, Pedigrees, Jockeys And More



” This roster is subject to change, as last-minute scratches may occur.

  • PP#1 – Black Onyx (Rock Hard Ten x Kalahari Cat by Cape Town) – Jockey Joe Bravo to ride the colt for trainer Kelly Breen and owner Sterling Racing Stables, LLC.
  • PP#2 – Oxbow (Awesome Again x Tizamazing by Cee’s Tizzy) – Jockey Gary Stevens to ride the colt for trainer D. Wayne Lukas and owner Bluegrass Hall, LLC.
  • PP#3 – Revolutionary (War Pass x Runup The Colors by A. P. Indy) – Jockey Calvin Borel to ride the colt for trainer Todd Pletcher and owner WinStar Farm, LLC.
  • PP#4 – Golden Soul (Perfect Soul x Hollywood Gold by Mr. Prospector) – Jockey Robby Albarado to ride the colt for trainer Dallas Stewart and owner Charles E. Fipke.
  • PP#5 – Normandy Invasion (Tapit x Boston Lady by Boston Harbor) – Jockey Javier Castellano to ride the colt for trainer Chad Brown and owners Rick Porter/Fox Hill Farms, Inc.
  • PP#6 – Mylute (Midnight Lute x Stage Stop by Valid Expectations) – Jockey Rosie Napravnik to ride the colt for trainer Tom Amoss and owners Gold Mark Farm, LLC/ Whisper Hill Farm.
  • PP#7 – Giant Finish (Frost Giant x Apocalyptic by Hickman Creek) – Jockey Jose L. Espinoza to ride the colt for trainer Anthony W. (Tony) Dutrow and owner Sunrise Stable.
  • PP#8 – Goldencents (Into Mischief x Golden Works by Banker’s Gold) – Jockey Kevin Krigger to ride the colt for trainer Doug O’Neill and owners Dave Kenney/W.C. Racing.
  • PP#9 – Overanalyze (Dixie Union x Unacloud by Unaccounted For) – Jockey Rafael Beharano to ride the colt for trainer Todd Pletcher and owner Repole Stables.
  • PP#10 – Palace Malice (Curlin x palace Rumor by Royal Anthem) – Jockey Mike Smith to ride the colt for trainer Todd Pletcher and owner Dogwood Stable.
  • PP#11 – Lines of Battle (War Front x Black Speck by Arch) – Jockey Ryan Moore to ride the colt for trainer Aidan O’Brien and owners Joseph Allen, Mrs. John (Susan) Magnier, Derrick Smith, and Michael B. Tabor.
  • PP#12 – Itsmyluckyday (Lawyer Ron x Viva La Slew by Doneraile Court) – Jockey Elvis Trujillo to ride the colr for trainer Eddie Plesa, Jr., and owners Laurie Plesa/Trilogy Stables.
  • PP#13 – Falling Sky (Lion Heart x Sea Dragoness by Sea Hero) – Jockey Luis Saez to ride the colt for trainer John Terranova, II, and owner Newton Anner Stud.
  • PP#14 – Verrazano (More Than Ready x Enchanted Rock by Giant’s Causeway) – Jockey John R. Velazquez to ride the colt for trainer Todd Pletcher and owners Mrs. John (Susan) Magnier, Derrick Smith, Michael B. Tabor, and Let’s Go Stable.
  • PP#15 – Charming Kitten (Kitten’s Joy x Iteration by Wild Again) – Jockey Edgar Prado to ride the colt for trainer Todd Pletcher and owners Kenneth L. Ramsey and Sarah K. Ramsey.
  • PP#16 – Orb (Malibu Moon x Lady Liberty by Unbridled) – Jockey Joel Rosario to ride the colt for trainer Claude R. (Shug) McGaughey, III, and owners Stuart S. Janney, III/Phipps Stable.
  • PP#17 – Will Take Charge (Unbridled’s Song x Take Charge Indy by Dehere) – Jockey Jon Court to ride the colt for trainer D. Wayne Lukas and owner Willis D. Horton.
  • PP#18 – Frac Daddy (Scat Daddy x Skipper’s Mate by Skip Away) – Jockey Victor Lebron to ride the colt for trainer Kenny McPeek and owners Magic City Thoroughbred Partners.
  • PP#19 – Java’s War (War Pass x Java by Rainbow Quest) – Jockey Julien Leparoux to ride the colt for trainer Kenny McPeek and owner Charles E. Fipke.
  • PP#20 – Vyjack (Into Mischief x Life Happened by Stravinsky) – Jockey Garrett Gomes to ride the gelding for trainer Rudy Rodriguez and owner Pick Six Racing. “