K9 Cop Stops Woman For “Speeding,” Attack Dog Rips Flesh Off Her Face



Police K9 Rips Woman's Face




” A woman who was stopped for allegedly speeding never expected what was about to happen to her as the officer approached her.

  It began when the officer asked her if he could let his dog “circle” her as she sat inside her vehicle, according to reports.

  This procedure is often used by police as a pretext to search a person’s vehicle.”





” Emily Newman remained seated peacefully inside her vehicle as the officer began circling her with his attack dog.Sure enough, the officer claimed that the dog “detected a positive hit.”

  That’s when the dog suddenly lunged into the car and started attacking Emily, according to a family member who witnessed the incident. Police dogs are trained to bite extremely hard when attacking people.

  This particular attack was so vicious that part of Emily’s face was literally mauled off.”



Another casualty of the “war on drugs” individual rights . All in the name of public “safety” …