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NRA Protestors: ‘Second Amendment, That’s Baloney!’







” On Monday, MRCTV’s Dan Joseph decided to pay members of the Reston-Herndon Alliance To End Gun Violence a visit at their monthly protest outside the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax.  The group comes out to rail against the NRA, a pro-Second Amendment organization with five million loyal members, on the 14th of every month to commemorate the horrific Newtown shooting.

  Although, like most gun control advocates, they reiterated the same talking points that aim to curb our Second Amendment rights and leave law-abiding citizens unarmed and defenseless.

  One woman said that they were at the NRA to tell them that “30,000 people die of gun violence in this country every year, and it’s their fault.” “











Warning Shot Bill Passes Senate Floor







” The Florida Senate has approved the so-called ‘warning shot’ bill, which now heads to Gov. Rick Scott to be signed into law.

The bill passed 32-7 on Thursday.

  Sponsored by Sen. Greg Evers, a Republican from Pensacola, the bill has garnered attention due to the Marissa Alexander case in Jacksonville. Alexander is out on bail and awaiting a new trial after originally being sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun near her estranged husband during an altercation.”


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Muskogee Man Shaken After Killing Burglary Suspect



Okie Burglar Dead



” Muskogee Police are still looking for two men who tried to rob people inside a house late Saturday night; a neighbor shot and killed the third suspect.

  Kyle Ford said the men were threatening him and he had no choice but to fire his gun.

  Muskogee Police say it looks like Ford clearly acted in self-defense and a criminal defense attorney we spoke with said Oklahoma law protects anyone who feels their life is in danger.

” If I would not have had my gun I don’t believe that I would be here today to tell you the story about it,” Ford said.

  Ford said he was scared for his life Saturday night.

  Muskogee Police said suspect who died has been identified as Joshua Salyer, 40, of Muskogee.”


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Juvenile Burglar Shot And Killed When West Palm Beach Homeowner Returns Home



Armed Teen Home Invader Killed



” Police say a West Palm Beach man shot and killed a 16-year-old intruder after he came home for lunch, and saw the suspect attempting to rob his home.

  Authorities say it all happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday when the homeowner at 733 57th Street came home for lunch.

” Went inside and noticed there’s a young male juvenile he didn’t recognize,” said Capt. Dave Bernhardt with West Palm Beach Police. “He was taking some firearms and laying them on a sheet to get ready to steal them.”

  Police say the teenage intruder pointed a weapon at the homeowner, they fought, and the homeowner shot the suspect two or three times.”



Before the hand-wringing begins about another senseless killing of one of America’s youth read this …


” “He was in fear for his life with firearms, someone he doesn’t know there in his house stealing guns,” said Capt.Bernhardt.

The teen suspect has a criminal record and was on probation, according to police.”



     The homeowner did us all a favor . Every time a victim fights back , no matter what the result , their resistance makes society just a little bit safer for us all . Criminals only started to gain the upper hand and generated a pervasive climate of fear once the authorities managed to convince the public to be compliant and leave things to the police .

   Thugs don’t fear getting caught , they fear being shot . Read the rest and check the comments for a debate about “Stand Your Ground” that is running 10 to 1 in favor .








Father Of 3 David Carlson Released From Jail On Dramatically Reduced Bail




” “New York is not a ‘stand your ground state.’ There is a duty to retreat, especially if you’re armed and the other person isn’t. You can’t walk away from a dead guy when there’s a shooting involved,” Brady said.

But it isn’t just a shooting; it’s an act many here consider to be heroic — a defense of the community. It has now set the stage for a trial that could help define the limits of deadly force when an armed citizen is facing a fleeing criminal suspect.

Carlson was indicted by a grand jury on Thursday.”








Proposed Bill Will Prohibit ‘Stand Your Ground’, Require Neighborhood Watch To Register With Local And Federal Authorities


” Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee reintroduced a bill on the House floor Wednesday that will prohibit states from having “Stand Your Ground” laws, and require neighborhood watch programs to register with local law enforcement and the Department of Justice. States that fail to follow these guidelines will be penalized by a 20 percent cut in federal funding.

According to Jackson Lee, “We will … decrease the incidence of gun violence resulting from vigilantes by reducing by 20 percent the funds that would otherwise be allocated … to any state that does not require local neighborhood watch programs to be registered with a local [law] enforcement agency.” “







Woman Shoots & Kills Man In Gas Station, Takes Pictures Of Body On Phone – CAUGHT ON TAPE


SE Houston Shooting


” A woman shot and killed a man at a Houston gas station.

Not only was the incident recorded on the gas station’s security camera — the woman also captured it on her own cellphone.

The unidentified female got a .22-cal rifle out of the back of her truck and threateningly pointed it at the victim, 58-year-old Louis Daniel, before shooting. The man only had a pocketknife and umbrella.”

Neighbor Tells Court Trayvon Martin Was Straddling And Punching George Zimmerman Before He Was Shot



” A resident of the gated Florida community where Trayvon Martin was shot dead told the court today he believed the unarmed black teen was straddling George Zimmerman and raining down punches on him.

John Good is a key witness for the defense as his testimony refutes that from other Sanford residents that it was actually Zimmerman on top and Trayvon Martin calling desperately for help.

When questioned by the prosecution, Good – who works in finance – said that the ‘lighter-skinned man’ was underneath wearing ‘white or red clothing’ and could not move because the person on top – who was in dark clothing – was performing a ‘ground and pound’ move, a popular MMA action.

He said that though he could not be totally sure, he believed that Trayvon was punching Zimmerman, who was screaming for help.

The testimony corroborates Zimmerman’s claims that he shot the 17-year-old in self defense because he was being pummeled. He is charged with second-degree murder.”










Teenage Witness In Trayvon Martin Case ‘Lied’ About Hospital Visit, Lawyer Says



” “She, in fact, did not go to the hospital as she stated under oath,” defense attorney Don West said, according to MyFoxOrlando.com. “And that [prosecutor] Mr. [John] Guy represented there would not be hospital records confirming her sworn statement, because, in fact, she lied.”

Guy confirmed there were no hospital records for Witness 8.

O’Mara said he wanted to wait and take the girl’s deposition later this month before commenting on whether her credibility could be an issue at trial.

“The state did what it was supposed to do and let us know there was a problem with their witness. We now know it and have an opportunity to talk to her,” he said. “Credibility is always an issue with any witness. And if it rises to the level where it is evidentiary, then we’ll go from there. And if it doesn’t rise to that level, we deal with it.” “







” On Thursday, George Zimmerman filed
suit against NBC News and three NBC
producers he accuses of intentionally
painting him as a racist. Zimmerman and
his attorneys have now done what many
in the new media only dream of doing,
holding the major media responsible for
their biased and misleading output.
The language in the complaint is
blunt. It calls NBC’s coverage “yellow
journalism” and refers to “journalistic
crimes.” Most broadly, the complaint
accuses NBC of trumping up a racism
narrative for ratings, with a name
check of the Today Show and Rev. Al
Sharpton in particular.

Here are some
of the highlights or, if you prefer, the
media’s lowlights from the complaint:

1. NBC saw the death of Trayvon
Martin not as a tragedy but as
an opportunity to increase
ratings, and so set about to
create the myth that George
Zimmerman was a racist and
predatory villain. “

Standing Her Ground part 2

  ” ‘ I carry a gun all the time’ says woman who thwarted Macon holdup attempt .”

Good for her and good for us all .

I’m still waiting for the usual suspects ( NYT , ABC , CBS , NBC ,Wash Post .) to comment .

“A woman fired back from her car as two gunmen tried to rob her early Saturday after she
dropped off a friend on English Avenue.She wounded one of the would-be bandits who ran away and wrecked their car on the way to
the hospital, according to a Macon Police Department news release. “

“Americans do hold to this idea that people should be allowed to defend themselves and using deadly force is fine, in those circumstances,” said pollster Chris Jackson. “In the theoretical … there’s a certain tolerance of vigilantism.”