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Police:”If Necessary”… Will Go Door To Door To Take Your Guns…

“We Are Your Masters”




Published on Feb 28, 2014


” GMN Producer Guerilla Girl Ashley contacted Connecticut State Police to inquire about the recent letter sent to residents regarding gun confiscation in Connecticut. “Sandy Hook” State Police Spokesman Lt. Vance answered the telephone and spoke to Ashley. The recording of the call reveals the shocking disregard this sworn peace officer has for the U.S. Constitution, and even goes so far as to call Ashley “un-American” for inquiring about the constitutionality of the gun confiscation law.

In Lt. Vance’s own words, “…I am the master….”

Please contact Lt. Vance directly at (860) 685-8290 and give him a piece of your mind.

GuerillaMediaNetwork.com http://ow.ly/o7pRT “










Dash Cam Shows Running Face Kick By Cop


Cop Kicks Driver



” Attorney Josh Lee is sold on dash cams. His client, Jerry Payne, was recently arrested by Miami, Oklahoma police officers. Two city police officers and one state trooper were involved.

Jerry Payne was stopped for a suspected DUI, although the distance involved makes it unclear how the officers were given reasonable suspicion. It is academic now, as the charges have been dropped against Payne, due to officer misconduct.

The police report was falsified in regards to the actions of Payne as well as the manner in which he sustained injuries to his face. The dash cam clearly show that Payne was pulled out of his vehicle by the trooper and then a running front kick to the face was delivered by one of the Miami police officers. Neither of those items were included as part of the report.”



    This type of assault on private citizens by those sworn to protect us is becoming all too common . Thank goodness for the technology of cell phone cameras and police dashcams , without which none of this type of abuse would see the light of day . The question is though , have police always had such callous disregard for the civil rights of the public and the ubiquitous camera is now bringing it to the fore , or are the authorities getting more brutal as Leviathan grows ?









Grandma Shot, Killed By New Hampshire State Troopers After Car Chase



NH Shooting



” A New Hampshire grandmother was shot and killed by state police Monday after leading troopers on a high-speed car chase, according to NBC affiliate WHDH in Boston.

Wendy Lawrence, 45, of Canterbury, N.H., was struck by gunfire four times by a state trooper, officials with the state attorney general’s office said. Authorities determined the cause of death was a single gunshot to the chest.

Authorities said a New Hampshire State Police trooper stopped a Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was being operated “erratically” on a southbound highway at roughly 6:30 p.m. Monday, according to a statement from Jeffery A. Strelzin, the senior assistant state attorney general.”










Connecticut Sees Number Of Background Check Requests Increase By 6,000% (Not A Typo, 6,000%)





” In CT you have to get a permit just to purchase a firearm.

In December state police, who are responsible for processing the background checks for those permits, had a fairly normal backlog of around 1,000 pending background checks.

Now, just over 4 months later, and following the Newtown shooting and the passage of extremely strict new gun laws, that backlog has grown to over 60,000, an increase of around 6,000%

There are several reasons for the massive increase. One, part of the new gun control package passed by CT last month included an “effective immediately” provisions which now requires a background check for rifle and shotgun sales as well as handguns.”








Angel and Ashley Dobbs Suing Texas State Troopers After Being Given Roadside Body Cavity Search

” Two women from Irving, Texas are suing state troopers and the head of their department in federal court after they say they were forced to endure an illegal and humiliating “roadside body cavity search” during a routine traffic stop, The Dallas Morning News reports.

The case is currently under investigation by the public integrity division of the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office and will go before a grand jury in January.

The dash-mounted camera on a trooper’s vehicle reportedly captured the entire incident on video. Angel Dobbs, 38, and her niece Ashley Dobbs, 24, say the unlawful search happened on the night of July 13 along a state highway.

Watch the video below via The Dallas Morning News (Content Warning!):”

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