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The Counted: Inside The Search For The Real Number Of Police Killings In The US




” If a police officer fatally shoots an unarmed citizen in the United States – and it was happening on average more than twice a day even before the killing of Michael Brown seven months ago in Ferguson, Missouri – most people find out about it not from law enforcement but from the 24-hour news cycle.

  The best counts America currently has of killings by police are the work of activists and journalists – online databases like Fatal Encounters, Facebook compilations like Killed By Police, or Operation Ghetto Storm, which estimates that one African American is killed by police, security guards or vigilantes at least “every 28 hours”.

  Citizen activists keep the best national counts. But there are corners of the country where the police track use-of-force more closely than any outside activist could. For example if an officer intentionally fires a gun in Montgomery County, Maryland – even if no one is hit or hurt – the police department posts a detailed description of the circumstances on its home page, usually within 24 hours. It is policy.

  But transparent police departments are by no means the norm: the United States has no uniform count of people killed by police officers. The problem of missing data stems from more than just police obstructionism or oversight. A national infrastructure for data collection has never been built. Instead a confusing mosaic of city, state and county reporting leaves too many cracks for data to fall through, without imposing consequences for local police failing to report when they kill those they are sworn to protect.

“ The reality is that there is not a good national data – or even a regional, state or local data on officer-involved shootings,” Laurie Robinson, a professor of criminology at George Mason University and co-chair of Barack Obama’s task force on community policing, told the Guardian.”



   Read more as the Guardian continues to do the job that the US MSM refuses to do … namely , report facts and not serve as a state-run propaganda machine and be sure to check out this companion piece “The Uncounted” that deals with efforts to create a TRUE national database of police killings …



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     Keeping an accurate count of citizens killed by police should not be a daunting task for a government that is so good at counting:



” The federal government counts many things very well. It counts the number of children who die each week from flu (11 during the week ending 17 January). It counts the average number of hours American men spend weekly on lawn care (almost two). It counts the monthly production of hens’ eggs (8.31bn in November). It counts nut consumption by non-Hispanic white men over the age of 20 (42.4% enjoyed nuts on any given day in 2009-2010). It counts how many women aged 15-44 use contraception (60.9 million, or 61.7%).

  The US government is a virtuoso counter. So why can’t it count people killed by police?

  Some people think Washington already does keep count. The government publishes two statistics every year that look an awful lot like, and are regularly mistaken for, comprehensive counts of deaths from interactions with police. The first is the FBI’s count of “justifiable homicides by law enforcement”, based on police reports submitted by state and local agencies.

  The second is the Centers for Disease Control’s count of “deaths by legal intervention”, based on medical records and death certificates. Considerable scholarly exertion has gone into describing the flaws in each count. Not all police agencies participate in the FBI’s count, which is limited to deaths involving a weapon, for example, while the CDC misses cases, among others, in which medical examiners certify a homicide but fail to note police involvement.”




















We Usually Don’t Mock Terrorism; But When We Do, We Make A Darn Good Point About Freedom




” This link backs up the statistics presented in this video.

  Terrorism is indeed a horrible thing, and we as a country have a lot of work to do to address the root causes of it. But we believe that sometimes, it takes humor to put things in perspective. How many of our civil liberties are we willing to give up in the name of security?”



   This satirical video dovetails nicely with a graphic that we ran a week or so ago from Meg McClain and the Young Americans For Freedom  , reprised for the reader’s edification below …





Thanks to the Western Center For Journalism







Read more at http://www.westernjournalism.com/usually-dont-mock-terrorism-make-darn-good-point-freedom/#VVogL2H6cgTFAFtF.99

Guns & Safety: The Facts




” For all the attempts by liberals to infringe on citizens’ Second Amendment rights, gun ownership soared from 192 million firearms to 310 million between 1994 and 2009 while the murder rate among Americans decreased by nearly half.

  And those statistics are not from the National Rifle Association. They’re from the government’s own Congressional Research Service.

  Is it coincidental that the overall murder rate declined as well, from 9 per 100,000 in 1994 to 4.7 per 100,000 in 2011? Not likely.”









The Firearms Statistics That Gun Control Advocates Don’t Want to See


FBI Gun Stats Show California, Washington, D.C. Rank High in Gun Murders




” To accompany TheBlaze’s coverage of the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Houston, we figured it could be helpful to share some gun statistics pointed out to us by some of the NRA Convention attendees. Forget the talking points used by both sides in the gun control debate; we’re going to be talking about verified statistics.

Gun control advocates be advised, these are not the statistics you are looking for.

According to data from the FBI’s uniform crime reports, California had the highest number of gun murders in 2011 with 1,220 — which makes up 68 percent of all murders in the state that year and equates to 3.25 murders per 100,000 people. 

In 2011, Utah, the state that the Brady Campaign determined had the least gun control, experienced just 26 gun murders and a firearms murder rate of 0.97. Utah has a population 2.8 million.”



Read the whole thing .










” (Foreign Policy) – Quietly and without much notice, the Air Force has reversed its policy of publishing statistics on drone strikes in Afghanistan as the debate about drone warfare hits a fever pitch in Washington. In addition, it has erased previously published drone strike statistics from its website.”





Fireside Stats Chat


Let’s Start By Controlling Police Gun Violence





   We will start by saying that this article really needs to be read by everyone that has an interest in the present gun control debate and to tell you that this information is not anything you are likely to encounter in the mainstream media . 

   That being said we are going to differ from our usual habit of posting a particularly engrossing paragraph in hopes of grabbing your attention . Today we are going to go through the entire essay and present you with some of the more salient facts that we doubt most of you are aware of . 

   In case any of you are unfamiliar with the author , here is a brief biography of James Bovard , a man who has worked tirelessly his entire life at promoting liberty , freedom , limited government and accountability for said State .


Here we go …


” While the president’s strident warnings about privately owned guns evoked a hallelujah media chorus, his administration is scorning a mandate to track how many Americans are shot and killed each year by government agents.”


Hardly surprising , given Obama’s Statist proclivities ..


” The same 1994 law that temporarily banned the sale of assault weapons also required the federal government to compile data on police shootings nationwide.”

Need we mention that this requirement has been completely ignored ? And note that police shootings are by no means an insignificant part of the annual killings nationwide .


” Shootings by police accounted for almost 10 percent of the homicides in Los Angeles County in 2010, according to the Los Angeles Times.”

Fortunately there are people out there who are attempting to do the government’s job .


” Jim Fisher, a former FBI agent and criminal law professor, compiled a database of police shootings and estimated that police in the United States in 2011 shot more than 1,100 people, killing 607.”

   Remember that number 607 fatalities , and that could well be very much a lowball figure since the police do everything in their power to hide the truth .


” According to the FBI, 323 people were killed nationwide by rifles in 2011 — less than 4 percent of the total deaths by firearms.”


   That is killings with ALL types of rifles . The statistics do not distinguish between single shot , pump , bolt action or semi-automatic so it is safe to assume that the number killed by any type of semi-automatic rifle is only a portion of that total . that means that the vilified “assault” rifle is responsible for considerably less than 4 % of gun homicides . Now understand that of the total “death by rifle” nationwide fully 10% of those fatalities invovle the police doing the shooting so that lowers the number of rifle killings NATIONWIDE to 291 … less than half of the people killed by police in the same time frame . 


” Not only do government agencies fail to track official violence against Americans, they also sometimes pre-emptively exonerate all such attacks.”


In the past the Justice Department has classified ALL police killings as “felons justifiably killed by police.” State and local police agencies are no more transparent about police shootings than are the Feds .


” For instance, Maryland police are protected by a “Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights” that prohibits questioning a police officer for 10 days after any incident in which he or she used deadly force. “


That would appear to be the rule as opposed to the exception …


” Investigations of police shootings in Las Vegas (which had one of the highest rates of police homicides in the nation) were stymied in 2010 and 2011 because “police unions balked at inquest reforms, first by advising members not to testify at the hearings and then helping officers file a lawsuit challenging the new system’s constitutionality…”


   That should give you the picture . As you can see the police and the Justice Department are the last one’s we should be listening to when it comes to having an honest discussion of the dangers posed to the public by an armed populace . The ” thin blue line ” is really a code of silence in regards to police accountability . As we said read the whole thing and take everything professed as the “facts” from the State with a HUGE grain of salt . 




More Guns = More Murders? A Myth. More Guns = Fewer Murders





” In the wake of the recent shootings, the liberal media have concluded we need more gun control. President Obama just signed 23 executive actions related to guns, and promises to do more later.

To them the logic seems obvious, that more guns mean more deaths, suicides, and accidents.

And the U.S. supposedly has very high murder rates, they argue, because our nation is teeming with guns. So with stricter gun control, we would suffer fewer murders and less violence.

As Charles Blow recently claimed in the New York Times: “America has the highest gun homicide rate, the highest number of guns per capita …”

Or as the New York Times earlier this month put forward the notion: “Generally, if you live in a civilized society, more guns mean more death.” The claim is all over the news from CNN to various “Fact Check” articles.

It would be nice if things were that simple. The evidence — and there is plenty of it — points to the very opposite, that cutting access to guns mainly disarms law-abiding citizens, making criminals’ lives easier. Guns let potential victims defend themselves when the police aren’t there.

First, let’s just be clear that lots of nations, including “civilized” ones, suffer from both higher overall murder and gun murder rates. Indeed, we are very far from the top.

In 2011, the U.S. murder rate was 4.7 per 100,000 people, the gun murder rate was 3.1.

Much of Eastern Europe; most of Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa; all but one South American nation; and all of Central America and Mexico suffer even higher murder rates than we do. For example, despite very strict gun control, Russia’s and Brazil’s homicide rates over the last decade averaged about four to five times higher than ours.

Indeed, if you are going to look across all nations and not just a select few, what you find is that the nations with the strictest gun control tend to have higher murder rates. “

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