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Capitalism Explained. This Is So Accurate It Hurts








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My How Times Have Changed





 ” Teach her to:


Fetch your slippers & pipe

Massage your feet

Serve you ice cold beer & snacks

Sit quietly while you browse your favorite TV channels 

Respond to non-verbal cues , such as snapping your fingers

Answer “Yes dear” to any and all requests

Greet you at the door wearing nothing but cellophane wrap “



Good luck with that … LMAO
























Young People Pummel Obamacare Ads On The Daily Show





” Will keg stands and one-night hookups convince young people to sign up for Obamacare? Two liberal groups in Colorado launched a pro-Obamacare advertising campaign with the controversial messages months ago.

  This week, The Daily Show featured the two ads in a segment with correspondent Aasif Mandvi, who interviewed a spokesman from the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative in an attempt to understand why he thought the “Brosurance” and “Let’s Get Physical” ads were effective.”












Yale Professor Shocked To Find Out Tea Party Better At Science




” A Yale professor, Dan Kahan, tested 2,000 people and made a surprise discovery, which he said embarrassed him. People who identify themselves as members of the Tea Party do better at science than non Tea party members. Kahan admitted that he didn’t know anyone from the Tea party and got all of his information on them from liberal cable shows and the New York Times, The Huffington Post and Politico.

Kahan claims that liberals are more science savvy than conservatives. But surprisingly, he found that Tea party members were the most savvy of them all. Moreover the findings surpassed the threshold of statistically significance.”



Professor Kahan’s paper is here





10 Things You May Not Know About The Vikings





” Think you’ve got the Vikings pegged? With all the caricatures and stereotypes out there, there’s probably a lot you’ve never heard about the seafaring Scandinavians who raided and settled coastal sites in the British Isles and beyond between the ninth and 11th centuries. Explore 10 surprising facts about the Vikings below.


1. Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets.
Forget almost every Viking warrior costume you’ve ever seen. Sure, the pugnacious Norsemen probably sported headgear, but that whole horn-festooned helmet look? Depictions dating from the Viking age don’t show it, and the only authentic Viking helmet ever discovered is decidedly horn-free. Painters seem to have fabricated the trend during the 19th century, perhaps inspired by descriptions of northern Europeans by ancient Greek and Roman chroniclers. Long before the Vikings’ time, Norse and Germanic priests did indeed wear horned helmets for ceremonial purposes.


6. Viking women enjoyed some basic rights.
Viking girls got hitched as young as 12 and had to mind the household while their husbands sailed off on adventures. Still, they had more freedom than other women of their era. As long as they weren’t thralls, Viking women could inherit property, request a divorce and reclaim their dowries if their marriages ended. “


4 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About the Holidays


” I watch a lot of Christmas movies, and I’ve also had lots of Christmases. I’ve noticed some discrepancies.

To be clear, I’m not going to use this list as an opportunity to say things like “In Christmas movies, magic is real and, duh, no doy, in real life NO IT ISN’T.” Because magic is real, it’s everywhere and all around us and I feel bad for anyone who doesn’t know how to look for it.

I’m talking about the other stuff. “


#4. Family + Christmas + Meal = DISASTER!