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Store Owner Knocks Out Robber With A Baseball Bat!



Published on Jul 10, 2013

” Canadian Gold & Silver 
2 masked man entered our store at around 1:30 June 31, 
weapons used: knife and crowbar
the knocked out robber defecated and urinated (nasty cleanup)
he was bleeding quite a bit out of his head, he reportedly spent a week in the hospital.
Calgary, Alberta (Canada) “



The shop keeper lets the robber have it with the old Louisville Slugger .








More Armed Citizens

NC Store Clerk Unloads at Thieves Who Kept Her Husband Hostage


 “You frequently come across stories wherein a late-night store clerk has to open fire to defend his life from an armed thug. It’s rare that one of these clerks also has to protect the lives of a loved ones. 

But in this shooting case, Theresa Smith of White Plains North Carolina was forced to defend herself, her business, and her beloved husband against a pair of thieves. 

It all happened Sunday night around 9:30, just 10 minutes before Smith typically closes up for the night. Her husband, Barry, had just finished closing up at another business and he had come to Mrs. Smith’s Cupboard No. 2 to help her finish up for the night. When he arrived two men – one of them with what appeared to be a black, 9mm semiautomatic handgun – grabbed Mr. Smith, pressed the gun into his back, and forced their way into the store.”

More Citizens Fighting Back

California Jewelry Store Owner Fires Back at Armed Robbers

  “On Wednesday, five masked men poured into a jewelry store in a strip mall in Garden Grove, Calif., expecting to carry out  a simple smash and grab robbery. But within less than a minute, they discovered they were no match for the store’s owner, a gray-haired woman whose finger seems quite comfortable on the trigger.”