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Rep. Gowdy’s Defense of the Enforce the Law Act




    As you watch this stellar performance by one of politic’s shining stars try to imagine John Boehner or Mitch McConnell addressing their peers with such passion and courage … It can’t be done . Spinelessness oozes from their every pore . Gowdy on the other hand can easily be envisioned as a compatriot of the Founders . Gowdy just exudes leadership .

    Oh for a Congress full of men like this … Trey Gowdy is our modern day equivalent of Patrick Henry. One can very easily picture him standing at the podium exhorting his fellow statesmen to action and proclaiming “give me liberty or give me death” … God bless Trey Gowdy and please Lord , send us some more just like him .

    What is most amazing to consider though , is the fact that at one time this country produced men of Gowdy and Henry’s quality in spades . Now they are looked upon with awe as something so seldom seen as to be almost unrecognizable to the average citizen . My how far we have fallen …

Henninger: Who Speaks for

the GOP?






 ” Where is the Big Picture? Why is it not possible for John Boehner or anyone else in this party to articulate for the dumbstruck public watching these dreadful cliff negotiations what the Republican Party stands for? Who speaks for the GOP?

No end of people keep saying of the Republicans that “they” should do this or “they” should do that. Who’s “they”? It is no one. With the Republicans, there’s no “they” there.

Barack Obama is controlling the cliff narrative now because the GOP has no one whose job is counter-narrative. Mr. Obama this week was recycling campaign speeches about the middle class at the Daimler Detroit diesel plant while the GOP has been a Babel of Beltway voices. Don’t any of these senators go to church on Sunday morning, rather than running around television punching the “entitlement crisis” card? “

Romney Won the Presidency
Last Night


  ” Words don’t matter as much as body language when voters decide on the man they trust to lead the nation. Despite all the policy debates, all the fact checking, all
the pundits, we don’t weigh and balance and research, not most of us. We don’t even use our forebrains. We use the most
primitive part of our brains, the part that can smell danger, that smells who is the alpha male, who is the omega, who is the rogue. The nose knows who is the real
leader. We can smell a winner.

  Mitt Romney passed the smell test for the third time last night, and Barack Obama failed.

  Choosing a president isn’t a beauty contest, although good looks help. It is about
masculinity. It is about confidence and calm strength. Romney was the happy warrior of the debate. He was the guy so big he doesn’t have to pick fights or show off his
muscles. They are obvious from his stature and how he conducts himself. Obama was the junk yard dog, trying to protect his turf
by mean looks and threatening to bite. “