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Ohio Student Expelled, Arrested, Spent 13 Days In Jail . . . After A Small Pocketknife Is Found In His Locked Car Trunk By School Officials





” Jordan Wiser, a student at Ashtabula County Technical School in Jefferson, Ohio is rightfully confused after being arrested for bringing a weapon into school. The “weapon” was a pocket knife that he had in his EMT medical vest . . . that was locked into the truck of his car. That’s right, in the latest example of the insane application of zero tolerance rules, the school officials called police after searching the trunk of a locked car to find a pocket knife used by a senior in his work as a EMT. He was then fed into a legal system that refused to show discretion in his prosecution. Notably, prosecutor Harold Specht ran for office based on a pledge that he would maintain a “hardline, zero tolerance policy” as a prosecutor. It was the perfect storm for Wiser: zero tolerance administrators handing a student over to a zero tolerance prosecutor. But it gets worse . . .”



Read Jonathan Turley’s piece to see exactly just how much worse it really got for Jordan … 







It’s “See You At The Pole Day”



” As the sun rises over places like Gainesville, Ga. and San Antonio, Tex., Christian boys and girls will already be on their way to school. They are gathering on this fine Autumn day for “See You at the Pole.”

The global ministry started in 1990 in Burleson, Tex. with a handful of teenagers praying around their school’s flagpole. Today, as many as two million students are expected to participate.

And while some grownups fight to silence people of faith, there is a new generation that is unafraid – willing to take a public stand for the values and the traditions that have made our nation the greatest on the face of the Earth.”


There is hope for America’s youth after all .















New York College Student Scares Off Armed Intruders With AR-15



RIT Students Saved By AR




” Interesting how a weapon that the Governor of New York wants to ban just saved the lives of two college students who had their apartment broken into by armed intruders.

One thing that the video does not talk about is the fact the guy had his gun locked away ‘like a good gun owner’ (he states in the video) and just barely had enough time to get the rifle out BUT did not have time to load it. How lucky he was. My personal belief is to have a weapon at the ready in my home and business.”

Yesterday We Posted An Article About The Union ( Private ) Takeover Of The Public School System

Today We Offer You The Fruits Of Our Investments

Students Cannot Answer Basic Questions About America

 ” America’s students increasingly cannot answer basic questions about… pretty much anything. Although government at all levels spends an appreciable amount per student on education, and despite the efforts of well-intentioned teachers, the country’s pupils are falling further behind the international pack.

Should we simply approve more funding for education? The left-leaning Huffington Post concedes that increased spending is unlikely to change this sad state of affairs: ”


Check out this article and the accompanying videos to get a glimpse of how our education “investment” is paying off .

“teacher fired for posting students’ anti-Obama pictures”

” Louisiana teacher Robert Duncan is fighting for his job at Boyet Junior High School after displaying his students’ pictures of President
Obama in the hallway outside his classroom.

  According to AOL, while the images indicated diverse political beliefs, several were deemed
racist and offensive.

  Must not offend the Obamabots! All Hail El Jefe! Or else “

Disagree and you are racist . Where have I heard that before ? Oh yeah , just about everywhere for the past 4 years . I think  that the left have maxed out their credit on the race card . 

And by the way , if it is racist to vote AGAINST someone based on melanin content then isn’t it just as racist to vote FOR someone on that same basis ? Just asking …

   ” Barack Obama won the 2008 election in an electoral vote landslide, but racism darn near cost him the election – and if he loses this year, its because: racism, says a doctoral candidate at Harvard University.

Google search data proves it, says Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, who is a candidate for a Ph.D. in economics, and wrote a post for the New York Times’ “Campaign Stops” blog entitled “How Racist Are We? Ask Google.” Unfortunately, the study is a classic case of confusing correlation with causation.”

  ” Before getting into the details, let’s stipulate: There is no doubt that, somewhere in America, there are some people who voted against Obama because he is black. But not many – certainly not enough to cost Obama the election, which he won with a hair under 53 percent of the vote, which is 10 points more than Bill Clinton got in 1992.”


  Does anybody see anything wrong with this ? I’d call it attempted indoctrination . Is it any wonder the bulk of the ” stimulus” was directed towards the unions , teachers and progressive cronies ?
   Is it any wonder it did no good ? You can’t stimulate growth by giving it all to the non-producing classes .

” Last Monday, a high school student in North Carolina engaged his social studies teacher in a heated debate about politics and the two leading presidential candidates. During the exchange, the teacher (an obvious Obama supporter) got very angry with the student and accused him of disrespecting the president. She even went so far as to tell the boy that he could be jailed for speaking ill of Obama.”

All don’t march in lockstep , at least at Barnard : One student’s reaction to Obama’s commencement speech .

” A student at Barnard College, Ayelet Pearl, has written a stirring protest to President Barack Obama’s commencement speech yesterday. Noting that the president’s words were “beautiful,” Pearl nonetheless objected to the use of the historic women’s college as a political prop, and said that the event left her feeling “stereotyped, simplified, and used.” ”
Good for her , she also challenges the notion put forth by the President of the school , Debora Spar,  that  “they’re [Barnard students] all huge fans [of Obama].”

”  Is that true?Can the president of Barnard College say, in good faith, that every single one of her students is a fan of President Barack Obama?Are we that unindividual?Or are we just a liberal student body, and, as women, a key component of the Democratic vote?Too often, the assumed answer is yes. ”

There is hope for the youth of today . My heart swells with pride .

She concludes : ” I just want it to be clear that I am not criticizing the president’s speech, but rather commenting on the idea that has become prevalent throughout politics today that women generally hold one opinion. Obama delivered a very inspiring apolitical speech, but the entire process of him coming to speak here as a campaign stop is what bothers me, because of this implication. ”