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Idiot Girls In Bikinis Try Bike Shotgun Stunt, Almost Blow Feet Off





    These girls have got to be two of the stupidest people on the planet . This should be a how-not-to lesson foe anyone even thinking of touching a gun . These two morons need to be filtered out of the gene pool , quickly , before they reproduce .

  Sure…move along now , nothing to see here .

” CNN has apologized for what it says “was a poor choice” of music to accompany a news story.
The story was about Fox News
contributor and former GOP VP
candidate Sarah Palin , who was visiting a local Chik-Fil-A fast food restaurant.

   The song was “Stupid Girls,” by Pink. Some viewers noticed the correlation, and complained vocally.

   The Hollywood Reporter received a statement from CNN apologizing for the incident, which it says was not intentional. “