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Beretta M12 Subgun: The Spaghetti Uzi





” The Italian firm of Pietro Beretta has long been known in this country for their semi-auto pistols of all sizes. What you may not know is that they also marketed some of the most popular submachine guns of the past century—for which they are very well known outside the US.  One of these is the crowd-pleasing M12.”





” Beretta was one of the first companies in the world to manufacture what are considered submachine guns today. In fact, their wood-stocked M1918 9mm was the first conventional subgun ever issued to troops in combat and it was during World War One! Their later M1938 was one of the better subguns of WWII and is still in somewhat limited service around the world. With a lineage like this, it was almost predetermined that in 1953, the company would invent a new pistol caliber select fire burp gun for the modern age—and that’s where the M12 came in.

With a design team led by Domenico Salza (the engineer who later modified the M1 Garand into the popular BM59 box magazine 7.62mm NATO battle rifle) work progressed throughout the 1950s.”





HK Operational Briefcase: German Design, MP5 Included (VIDEO)



” Since the 1950s, the most common accessory for the well-dressed businessman has been the briefcase. This innocent clamshell box with a handle is so frequently seen that it is hardly noticed and this very familiarity led German firearms innovator HK to design one with a heck of a surprise inside – an MP5.”



HK operational briefcase with MP5



” In many situations, covert concealment of any select fire weapon is an operators’ (and civilians’) trump card and for business persons or VIPs in a high threat area or industry, employing a low-key protection specialist may be the best option for this.  Usually these contractors dress in a manner similar to that of their client in order not to get made as an outsider in the group they are protecting, but there is also the issue of arming these guards discretely without tell tale bulges or awkward equipment. Likewise, an otherwise unseen submachine gun capable of ripping out fifteen shots in a second without reaching for a weapon gives everybody piece of mind and this also went for covert operations in an urban environment, where having an instantly deployable weapon when none is readily visible can save lives and catch bad guys by surprise.”