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El Capitan: Yosemite Duo Complete World’s Toughest Climb





” Two climbers in California’s Yosemite national park made history on Wednesday, reaching the summit of what has been called the world’s hardest rock climb.

  After weeks of herculean effort, Kevin Jorgeson, 30, and Tommy Caldwell, 36, scaled the half-mile section of exposed granite known as the Dawn Wall on El Capitan peak.

  Upon clambering over the final ledge they paused, looked at each other and raised their arms in triumph.

  People watching from the park and online via a live feed hailed the feat, completed just after 3.30pm local time, as thrilling and inspirational.”








” “ In a time full of terrible events those dudes getting up the side of El Capitan is pretty bloody awesome!” said one typical tweet.

“ It’s incredible that we all were just able to witness one of the greatest feats in climbing history,” marvelled another.

  The pair made the 3,000ft ascent in what has been billed as the wall’s first free climb, using only natural rock holds for hands and feet. Rope was used only to arrest falls.”


The Guardian











A Basic Guide To Online Reputation Management







Helpful Hints For Business And People Who Care How They Are Viewed 


” The following is an overview of some of the basic, fundamental processes you can work on to begin a proactive online reputation management campaign. It can be quite difficult to cut through all of the “noise” and misinformation out there regarding this evolving and often controversial topic. The heavily-researched and heavily-scrutinized methods, processes, and company resources mentioned in this section should hopefully be extremely useful for companies and individuals that are looking to understand the basics of the online reputation management “ecosphere”. This constantly-updated “Starter Guide” should essentially serve as a very helpful information resource for businesses and individuals that are seeking to not only monitor, but have a direct and meaningful impact on their overall online presence.

Clear distinctions will be made for the differing processes of business and individual reputation management where necessary. Much of this basic ORM information discussed can be applied to both business and personal scenarios, but there will be cases that call for differing strategy suggestions, and hopefully we can clearly highlight those within this guide. As mentioned on our homepage, the majority of the suggested tactics and resources for productive and proactive ORM campaigns are essentially Search Engine Optimization tactics and resources. These SEO strategies become necessary when attempting to have an impact on the Google algorithm. In other words, SEO and online marketing strategies are necessary to effectively “optimize” your online image in the largest search engine in the world.


Sections Include 


  • Step 1. What All Has Been Said About You Online?
  • Step 2. What All Is Being Said About You Online?
  • Step 3. What You Can Do About It – “The Best Defense Is A Great Offense”
  • Exact Match Domains
  • Buying Domain Names That Include Your Keywords And Popular Neutral Or Negative Phrases
  • Local Business Listings
  • Web 2.0 Websites
  • Press Releases
  • Article Directories
  • Video Sharing Websites
  • Image Sharing Websites
  • See If You Can Acquire A Wikipedia Page
  • Post On Online Marketplaces
  • Post On Relevant Online Forums
  • Conduct Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Post On Question and Answer Websites
  • Take Advantage Of “Tagging” On The Websites That Encourage It
  • Look Into Using A Google Plus Profile And Google Authorship
  • Keep Track of All Your Website URLs That You Develop and Promote Them Regularly by Building Links to Them
  • Leverage Pre-Existing Positive Website Content When You Can
  • Conclusion

7 Questions That Will Determine the Success or Failure Of Barack Obama’s Second Term




” When British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was asked what might knock his administration off course, he famously responded, “Events, dear boy, events.” There’s a lot of truth to that. At any point in time, an unexpected event can throw the political world into turmoil. However, more often than not, it’s not the blindside hit that gets you so much as the freight train you’ve seen coming for miles.

When Barack Obama came into office, he had a number of serious challenges to deal with and not only has he effectively addressed very few of them, many of them have worsened on his watch. In fact, the thing Barack Obama has proven most adept at in his first term is pointing the finger elsewhere. He may have been able to shift the blame from himself to George Bush, the filibuster, the Supreme Court, Republicans in Congress, Rush Limbaugh, ATM machines, the economy in Europe and everything under the sun, but after four years and counting in office, more and more of the American people are going to be interested in results rather than excuses. How Barack Obama handles those issues may not only determine how he’s viewed by the American people, it could conceivably impact the reputation of the Democratic Party for decades.

1) When does the economy recover? “



John Hawkins Is Always Worth A Read

” The Republicans have some fun at the president’s expense. “

  “Here was our favorite line from
Mitt Romney’s convention speech : “President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family.”

  We liked it even better when we saw that the New York Times’s Nicholas Kristof had tweeted:
“Seriously, Romney’s speech esp troubled me by mocking rising seas/climate change. The dismissiveness was appalling.” Gaia is a jealous
Goddess, and She will not be mocked!

  It actually hadn’t occurred to us that the Romney line was a repudiation of global warmism. If so, that’s lagniappe. What we
enjoyed was the deft way in which Romney punctured Obama’s self-aggrandizement–by quoting his most immodest promise ever,
pausing for effect, then making an almost comically modest promise of his own.”

Read Krauthammer for the true value of Romney’s recent international travels .

“Two staunch U.S. allies salute a man they would like to see lead the free world. Yet the headlines were “shove it” and “culture.” “

  ““Barone: Obama believes success is a gift from government”

” Perhaps the rain made the teleprompter unreadable. That’s one thought I had on pondering Barack Obama’s comments to a rain-soaked rally in Roanoke, Va., last Friday. Perhaps he didn’t really mean what he said. Or perhaps — as is often the case with people when unanchored from a prepared text — he revealed what he really thinks. ”

    It certainly is revealing every time this “smartest of all White House occupants” slips his leash from his Telebuddy minder and speaks extemporaneously .

   Some hidden truth always seems to find its way to the surface .

From Arthur Brooks at the WSJ we get a lesson in what sets America apart from Europe and the cradle to grave government run life of security and dependency . Face it , regardless of what the progressive moral equivalency crowd would have you believe , American Exceptionalism is real . No nation in history has ever emerged from obscurity to dominate the world stage in such a brief period of time . No nation has contributed more to the improvement of human welfare , no nation has risked it’s blood and treasure defending strangers around the globe , asked nothing in return and voluntarily withdrew to it’s own borders once the crisis had been averted . Is that not exceptional ? 

This is American Exceptionalism :

This is American Exceptionalism :

And this :

Need more :

Photo, caption below.

Still not convinced ?

Get the picture ?

  All the moral equivalency and attempts to rewrite history cannot eliminate the fact that American Exceptionalism has bettered and continues to improve the world . As we teeter on the precipice of statism ala Europe it is worth remembering what America is all about . Before you utter the progressive mantra that it was government that accomplished these things remind yourself that unlike most nations we are , at least for a little longer , a nation ” of the people , by the people , for the people .