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Fast Food Facts

20 Terrifying Facts Food Companies Don’t Want You to Know














Soda-Obsessed Mayor of Illiterate City to Convene Climate Change Summit in World’s Rape Capital




” 80 percent of New York City high school students seem to have some trouble reading, but Mayor Bloomberg has no time for them. He’s too busy dealing with serious issues, like soda sizes, gun control in Illinois and the impending destruction of the planet.

A summit of city mayors will convene in February of next year in Johannesburg, to discuss ways to fight global climate change.


Fortunately Bloomberg is not going to let any of this stop him. And so the mayors of cities struggling with major social problems are going to convene a summit in the world’s rape capital to battle a problem that doesn’t exist, while ignoring all the huge and horrifying problems that do exist.”




City Restaurant Inspectors Will Now Be Armed With 17-Ounce Cups To Make Sure Eateries Aren’t Selling Oversized Sugary Beverages






” There will be no SWAT teams policing Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial new ban on large sodas and other sugary drinks starting Tuesday, but city inspectors will be armed — with 17-ounce cups.

The Health Department plans to use regular restaurant inspections to make sure eateries are not selling sugary beverages in servings larger than 16 ounces. But the inspectors will have specially ordered cups to help them enforce the new rule, Deputy Health Commissioner Daniel Kass said.

He spelled out the new procedures in exacting detail in an affidavit recently filed as part of the legal challenge to Bloomberg’s anti-big-soda policy. “The measuring cups that we will be issuing … will be able to contain 17 fluid ounces,” Kass said. Inspectors will be instructed to issue a violation only when a cup is found to “clearly exceed” 16 ounces “when measured in the inspector’s measuring cup,” he added.”

   As usual Frank J Fleming hits the mark :

“Imagine you are at a fast food restaurant. You have selected your sandwich and your side order
of fries, and you realize that this meal will make you thirsty. You will need — nay, you will require — a beverage to wash it down.
So you.say to the woman at the register, “I would like a soda.”
And she looks at you with her dead eyes, her soul withered away by years of menial work in
the service industry, and she utters the immortal question, “Small,medium, or large?” “

Bloomberg’s NYPD

I guess he’s gotten the city so tranquil and safe that the NYPD has plenty of time to ticket prodigious pop drinkers .

Cartoon: Nanny State Government

Brian Farrington

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Someone was asking for these earlier , so here they are .

Via Hot Air

“The “No Labels” crowd that wanted him to run for president as an indie swore that he’d help bring Americans together. And so he has. Is there anyone on either side of the aisle, aside from celebrity buffoons like Alec Baldwin and the social engineers of tomorrow at Ezra Klein’s blog, who thinks this is a swell idea?”