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NYPD Puts 14-Year-Old Boy’s Head Through A Window After ‘Stop And Frisk’



” Javier Payne defines being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The 14-year-old was hanging out in front of the Hookah Shop at 11:00 pm this past Saturday night when two NYPD officers decided to come up to him and a 13-year-old friend for a routine “stop and frisk”. This is a routine yet extremely controversial procedure where New York City police are free to stop anyone at any time for no reason and frisk them for weapons. Payne was frisked after he had an altercation with an older man on the street. That is when the incident got ugly.

  Witnesses say the police put Javier Payne in handcuffs and then threw him through the Hookah Shop’s plate glass window.

  Payne was considered under arrest at that point, and despite being injured and bleeding from just going through a plate glass window, the police wouldn’t even remove his handcuffs. They did call the ambulance squad so Payne wouldn’t bleed to death on the street, but they neglected to tell them that Payne was underage or suffering from critical injuries which would have necessitated the ambulance getting to the scene faster.”

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iKnife helps surgeons find cancer

” An intelligent surgical knife is helping surgeons identify cancer instantly. It is hoped that the knife will reduce the necessity for multiple cancer surgeries by diagnosing unhealthy tissue the first time around.

Typically in cancers involving solid tumors, surgeons remove a margin of healthy tissue along with the tumor. It has been difficult to determine whether the healthy tissue is cancerous without testing and, in some cases, secondary surgery. It is estimated that one in five breast cancer surgeries require a second surgery to remove all of the cancer, reports the Imperial College London.

Takats based his iKnife on present-day electrosurgery, which uses knives that heat tissue with an electrical current. The iKnife analyzes the smoke from the cauterizing tissue and then provides a reading to the surgical team.

During the research phase, the iKnife diagnosed tissue samples from 91 patients with 100 percent accuracy. Diagnostic information that typically takes 30 minutes to receive from the laboratory was available instantly. ”

Venezuela VP: Chavez Suffers ‘New Complications’




” CARACAS, Venezuela — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is confronting “new complications” due to a respiratory infection nearly three weeks after undergoing cancer surgery, his vice president said in Cuba as he visited the ailing leader for the first time since his operation.

Vice President Nicolas Maduro looked weary and spoke with a solemn expression in a televised address Sunday from Havana. He did not give details about the complications but described Chavez’s condition as delicate.

“Several minutes ago, we were with President Chavez. We greeted each other, and he himself referred to these complications,” Maduro said, reading from a prepared statement. “