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” It was that M-DSPD internal affairs investigation which revealed in October 2011 Trayvon Martin was searched by School Resource Officer, Darryl Dunn. The search of Trayvon Martin’s backpack turned up at least 12 pcs of ladies jewelry, and a man’s watch, in addition to a flat head screwdriver described as “a burglary tool”.

When Trayvon was questioned about who owned the jewelry and where it came from, he claimed he was just holding it for a “friend”. A “friend” he would not name.

On October 21st 2011 a burglary took place a few blocks from Krop Senior High School where Trayvon Martin attended. The stolen property outlined in the Miami-Dade Police Report (PD111021-422483) matches the descriptive presented by SRO Dunn in his School Police report 2011-11477.”











” A father protecting his home and his 2-year-old son opened fire on a trio of suspected armed robbers in Virginia on Sunday killing two of them. The third man escaped and is still at large.”



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” Authorities said two suspects were pronounced dead at the scene, while the third managed to escape on foot.

We’re told the homeowner and the child were not harmed.

Right now, there is a vague description of that third suspect, who is believed wearing dark clothing. According to Reed, K-9 units tracked the suspect a quarter of a mile west of the crime scene. It was there, investigators say, the suspect is believed to have gotten into a vehicle.”




Crime Victims Shoot Robbers In Separate Incidents




One more cretin has left the gene pool …


” “It was just your normal robbery, ‘give me your money,’” said Sgt. Burt Roberts.

At least until the suspect wound up behind the counter in a confrontation with the men, who pulled out their own guns: a 40-caliber handgun and a shotgun.

They fired “multiple shots” at the suspect during the course of the robbery, Roberts said.

“We’ve been robbed!” one of the workers frantically yelled to a 911 dispatcher, according to a recording of the call. “I’m holding a gun to his head! We shot him. He pulled a gun on us and started shooting, so we shot him….He came at me with the gun. He said ‘go behind the counter and get me the money.’” ”



Meanwhile , down the road apiece …



” The man told police he fired several gunshots in self-defense at two juveniles and a man trying to rob him on the street.

The suspects were taken to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, treated and released, police said. “



  The fact that citizens have a right , nay a responsibility , to protect themselves and those around them is becoming more and more apparent to every right-thinking citizen . 



 ” The most recent U.S. Department of Justice study available, from 1994, found that 1.5 million people use firearms to defend themselves against crimes annually.

That includes victims firing shots and those who simply displayed their weapons to their assailants, who fled, Pierce said.

“There is an increase in people who are becoming aware of their own responsibility for personal protection and the fact that the police simply cannot be there the moment that crime occurs,” Pierce said. “They would if they could, but it’s simple physics. They are minutes away and seconds count.

“Anytime a robber or a perpetrator fires first, you’ve already been presented with deadly force. There is no choice. Law enforcement simply tells people to give the robbers what they want and to let them go, but when you have a robber who is determined not to leave any witnesses behind and initiates deadly force, that advice can only get you killed.” “


Armed Clerk Ends New Jersey Crime Spree



 ” A trio allegedly responsible for 11 armed robberies over the past two weeks in Paterson, New Jersey, had their luck cut short when one victim, a store clerk armed with a handgun, decided to fight back Tuesday evening.

According to the Paterson Times, the string of robberies came to a close when two of the suspects, 23-year-old Jermaine Eason and 23-year-old Rayvon Wilson, both armed and wearing masks, entered Paterson’s El Jaya Deli & Grocery around 8 p.m. The owner of the store, who was behind the cash register, said one of the suspects kept an eye on two employees in the back of the store while the other was up front pointing a handgun at him.

He told the newspaper that he was frozen with fear as the suspect up front shouted, “Don’t look at me. Don’t look at my face. I will kill you. You’re going to be dead.”

The robbers then ransacked the store making off with $6,500 and several cartons of cigarettes, but as they made their way out the door an employee, the owner’s cousin, grabbed a gun, which he kept hidden behind the register, under a shelf of socks, and proceeded to chase the suspects. “

 Concealed Carrier Walks into Robbery Trap, Shoots His Way Out

 ” Police investigated and puzzled out the source of this mysterious double shooting. According to their report, it all started when a woman invited a man back to her room at the Economy Inn, implying that it was his lucky night.

But everything wasn’t as it seemed. The woman, 18-year-old Brittany Sue Carter, was actually part of a scheme intended to rob the unsuspecting man, 28-year-old Jose Cruz. Carter had multiple armed men waiting for the pair in the motel room. As soon as the pair walked in at least one of the suspects drew a gun and demanded money from the unsuspecting mark.

Oh, but wait! Carter wasn’t the only person that night who was hiding something. Cruz was a licensed concealed carrier, and he drew his firearm and opened fire. Police revealed that two of the men had been shot in their “lower extremities.” “

   Mary Katharine Ham has much info and  many updates regarding the shooting in Aurora and the real suspect , unlike ABC .

A photo purported to be of the alleged shooter , one James Holmes, 24


Hot Air

“The last post was getting heavy with updates and comments, so here’s a new thread to deal with what, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of every major national tragedy these days— the political scapegoating, usually of the Tea Party.”

  Check out her report . It is full of updates and as information rich as any site can be in the immediate aftermath of such a tragic event .

“Update: Four armed service members among those shot, but not killed: “Buckley Air Force
Base is in Aurora, and defense officials told NBC News that two Air Force reservists and two Navy
service members were among those shot.” “