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Barack’s Best Friend Erdogan Not Looking Pretty




” Violence in Istanbul is threatening President Obama’s relationship with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. What started out as a protest against the development of a park has morphed into a show of much wider discontent. Over the weekend, more than two weeks after the protests started, police used tear gas and water cannons to clear Gezi Park of its protesters and spent most of Sunday chasing protesters and looters into shopping malls and upscale hotels.

To most outsiders, this looks like an excellent time for some soothing words and calming speeches in Turkey. Erdogan has a solid majority in parliament and his core supporters don’t seem fazed by the protests in Istanbul. Making a few concessions, pulling the police back except where violence or looting actually occurs, and calming things down were the actions most of us would advise at a time like this.

But Turkish politics has its own rhythms, and Erdogan has his own priorities—and temperament. In response to the protests, he’s toughening his rhetoric and promising a crackdown. In the process, he may have killed the last flickering hope for reopening EU accession talks as his EU Affairs Minister Egemen Bagis is calling the protesters “terrorists.”

We’ll see where this goes. The unrest in Turkey has spread much farther and lasted much longer than anyone expected. If nothing else, the police violence has persuaded many Western liberals that Turkey’s secularists weren’t overreacting when they warned that the AK Party would ultimately limit Turkish freedom.”








Police Arrest Dozens In Raids Across Turkey After Protests




” Police raided addresses across Turkey on Tuesday and detained dozens of people after nearly three weeks of anti-government protests, local media reported.

State media TRT said 25 people had been detained in the capital Ankara, 13 in Eskisehir to the west and “many” in Turkey’s biggest city Istanbul.

A police source confirmed the operation and said: “For now, only provocateurs will be taken for questioning.” “








Sporadic Overnight Clashes As Turkey’s Unions Call A General Strike



” Anti-government protesters were out on the streets of Ankara late into the night with police using water cannons and smoke grenades to try and disperse them.

Two of Turkey’s main unions have called a nationwide strike today. Labour groups representing doctors, engineers and dentists have said they too will take part in the national stoppage.”

Extra Security Forces In Istanbul As Protesters Return To Taksim Square



Published on Jun 16, 2013


” Hundreds of protesters have continued pouring into Istanbul on Sunday morning, heading for Taksim Square, despite police efforts to deter them.

Extra security forces have been brought in to back up riot police as the city braces itself for more violent confrontations.

Around 500 to 600 people have occupied the central Bosphorous bridge, closing it off to traffic.

Overnight, armoured vehicles sealed off Taksim Square, as police stormed neighbouring Gezi Park to evict protesters. 

As police moved in, protesters fled into a hotel at the back of the park, several of them vomiting, as tear gas and blasts from what witnesses said were percussion bombs -designed to create confusion rather than injure – engulfed the park.

Witnesses say that hundreds of people were left injured.

“If you go down on the street you will see hundreds of wounded people. There is nobody to take care of them and there is no (health) equipment,” one protester said.”








Turkish Protests Continue As Pro – Government Rallies Planned

” Hundreds of protesters continue to occupy Gezi Park in Istanbul, despite calls by the Turkish Prime Minister for them to withdraw…. euronews, the most watched news channel in Europe Subscribe”

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Watch Police Shoot Down a Drone Flying Over Istanbul

(Best Watch in Full Screen)





” The tension in Turkey is quickly approaching its breaking point as thousands of protesters gear up for a third week occupying Istanbul’s Gezi Park. This being the modern age, where computers fit in our pockets and everybody’s a potential terrorist, some locals decided to take their little camera-enabled, radio-controlled quadcopter for a spin. This, again, being the modern age, police promptly shot it down. And yes, a drone was harmed in the making of this movie.”







Wheelchair User Targeted By Water Cannon In Istanbul



Police Move Past Barricades Into Istanbul Square




” Hundreds of police in riot gear pushed past improvised barricades early Tuesday to reach Istanbul’s central Taksim Square, firing tear gas and rubber bullets to scatter protesters who have occupied the area for more than a week.

Many of the demonstrators fled into the square’s Gezi Park, where hundreds have been camping as part of the occupation aimed at stopping a development project in the park. Bulldozers immediately began dismantling some of the barricades and makeshift shelters set up on the square, although they insisted they would not move into the park.”










Taksim Square Protests: 13 Photos Showing Severity Of the Protests

taksim, square, protests:, 13, photos, showing, severity, of, the, protests,

Aerial View Of Taksim Square

” The mainstream media has yet to highlight the protests. Meanwhile, police brutality continues as over 900 people have been arrested and several have been killed.” 

taksim, square, protests:, 13, photos, showing, severity, of, the, protests,

Blood in the Streets Of Istanbul

” Here are thirteen pictures from Twitter that show why we should take offense with mainstream media for not covering what could become an historic event.”