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Daily Video 10.18.14

U.S. Hospitals Not Ready For Ebola! Plus, Hero Or Zero Of The Week







Published on Oct 17, 2014

” Nurses say hospitals aren’t prepared to handle Ebola patients! How Ebola will affect midterm elections, nearly 200,000 illegal alien convicts are missing in the U.S. and Hero or Zero of the week! “










Daily Video 10.12.14

Nobody Knows Who Joe Biden Is…See Jimmy Kimmel Prove it!


Published on Oct 11, 2014

” Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street if they knew who Joe Biden was. You won’t want to miss our Up or Down panel’s take on the results! “












Daily Video 2.21.14

Feminism 2.0



Published on Feb 10, 2014

” We hear it all the time: “America is patriarchal!”, “American women are oppressed!”. Well, a lifelong feminist and former National Organization for Women member, Tammy Bruce, is tired of hearing it–and she has a solution laid out in our newest video: Feminism 2.0. One that tells women that they should be proud to act feminine. One that tells them that simply copying men and masculine traits is actually demeaning to women. One that honors all responsible choices, including becoming a wife and mother.

  You can support Prager University by clicking https://www.prageruniversity.com/dona…. Free videos are great, but to continue producing high-quality content, even small contributions are greater.”









Daily Video 12.11.13

Obamacare Wasteland: 20,000% Markup For Website That Barely Works




Published on Dec 10, 2013

” Taxpayers were charged $1 billion for the Obamacare website, and it is barely working. Some experts argue that the real cost of the Obamacare website should have been closer to $5 million. How did the Obama Administration bilk taxpayers out of a billion dollars for a useless product? Find out on this Trifecta.”










Daily Video 11.7.13

Election Day Fraud



Published on Nov 5, 2013

” It’s election week in an off-year. There are big races around the country, including Virginia and New York City. Trifecta asks whether election fraud will influence these elections. Hear more as Tammy Bruce joins the Trifecta team.”









PJTV: Meddling in the Middle East: Does Barack Obama Hate Israel?

The Road Ahead … PJTV Video 

  “Bill Whittle brings you an Election Day post-mortem with PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon and radio hosts John Phillips and Tammy Bruce. Was Obama’s election victory a vote in for President Obama or a vote against Gov. Mitt Romney? Find out.

Court Upholds Domestic Drone Use in Arrest of American Citizen

”  This makes me generally uncomfortable. I’m a law and order gal as you all know, but this does seem to unfold a slippery-slope when it comes to what the government is allowed to do here on our own soil against American citizens involved in local, civil activity. I suppose I’m a bit of a Libertarian on these issues, but my concern also rests within my commitment to small, unobtrusive, constitutional

It feels to me as another example of crazy overreach by the Fed as we saw with Ruby Ridge and, arguably, Waco. I’m curious to seen where you stand on this. ”

   We here at YouViewed share Tammy’s concerns . This whole concept is ripe for abuse given the level of trust that our government engenders in it’s citizenry .

  ” You can tell that President Obama’s press conference statement Friday morning — “The PRIVATE SECTOR IS DOING FINE”— is a big problem for Democrats, the left, and much of the media simply because they’re spending so much time and energy denying that it is.”

Read this and visit the reason for the denial .


Blumer goes on

   ” Even on a percentage basis, it’s clear that the private sector, where employment is almost 4% lower than it was at peak employment, is still the biggest problem — or “drag,” if you will — of the bunch. Wait until you see what that means in terms of actual headcount: ”


  Denial is all they can do at this point . This is a George H W Bush scanner moment . Of course the press wasn’t carrying Bush Sr’s water as with our dear Wile E but these kind of numbers cannot be ignored or buried on page 23 .

   Which leaves us , the producing , wealth creating , government subsidizing , taxpaying citizens about like this …


We realize that in the past we’ve portrayed our buddy Wile E as Obama , as we will continue to do , and that this time we used him as a metaphor for US .

Our apologies …

  We are thinking though , that the above picture could also represent  (hopefully) Obama and his chances come November …

   That’s a more pleasant reality to strive towards .

Thanks to PJmedia for the graphs and Tammy Bruce for Wile E Coyote