Daily Video 5.23.15

HOMEMADE Folding-Fin 12ga. Shotgun Rounds – Surprising Results!





Published on May 16, 2015

” I threw together some toggle bolts and faucet washers I bought at the hardware store to make simple, folding-fin projectiles. Each round took less than a minute to assemble. How will they work? Will the fins pop out? Will they fly straight through the air or tumble? Will they be accurate? IMPOSSIBLE! Did I come in under my $5/video budget? YES!

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Daily Video 5.15.15

Custom Aluminum Turbine Shotgun Slugs -Testing




Published on Apr 8, 2015

” We test out some aluminum, .70 caliber shotgun slugs that were CNC’d for us by Tim Hamilton. Tim is a prototype machinist and has access to some very sophisticated machine tools. Since so many viewers have told us that many of the rounds we have tested would have worked had they had some rifling or fins to stabilize them, Tim decided to see if this was true.

  Tim has other ideas like mini shotgun arrows. Just amazing stuff.
Here is the video on how he made these turbine rounds. But check out some of his other videos too!
TACTICAL G-CODE is now the name of his channel:
https://www.youtube.com/user/Hamilton… “