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Leaked Report: Nearly Half Of US Drone Strikes In Pakistan Not Against Al-Qaeda





” A trove of leaked classified reports has confirmed what many had suspected – US drone kills in Pakistan are not the precision strikes against top-level al-Qaeda terrorists they are portrayed as by the Obama administration.

Instead, many of the attacks are aimed at suspected low-level tribal militants, who may pose no direct danger to the United States – and for many there appears to be little evidence to justify the assassinations.

Top secret documents obtained by McClatchy newspapers in the US show the locations, identities and numbers of those attacked and killed in Pakistan in 2006-8 and 2010-11, as well as explanations for why the targets were picked.

The statistics illustrate the breadth of the US ‘drone doctrine’ – which has never been defined by consecutive US administrations. Between 1,990 and 3,308 people are reported to have been killed in the drone strikes in Pakistan since 2004, the vast majority of them during the Obama terms.

In the 12-month period up to 2011, 43 out of 95 drone strikes in the reports (which give an account of the vast majority of US operations in the country) were not aimed at al-Qaeda at all. And 265 out of 482 people killed in those assassinations, were defined internally as“extremists”.

Indeed, only six of the men killed – less than two percent – were senior al-Qaeda leaders.” 

The latest revelations have unleashed a torrent of protest from experts who believe that the program is extra-judicial, violates Pakistan’s sovereignty, and is counter-productive in the long term.

“I have never seen nor am I aware of any rules of engagement that have been made public that govern the conduct of drone operations in Pakistan, or the identification of individuals and groups other than al Qaida and the Afghan Taliban,” Christopher Swift, a national security law expert from Georgetown University told McClatchy.

“We are doing this on a case-by-case, ad hoc basis, rather than a systematic or strategic basis.”

Micah Zenko, from the Council on Foreign Relations, a foreign policy think tank, went further, and accused the government of

“misleading the public about the scope of who can legitimately be targeted.” “







Latest NRA Campaign Ad …

… ‘Obama is Targeting Gun Owners’ (VIDEO)



As mentioned in a previous Guns.com article, the NRA is stepping up its efforts to help ensure that President Barack Obama is not elected to a second term.  

In its most recent and arguably most effective ‘NObama’ ad, the gun lobby starts off by reminding viewers of Obama’s 2008 campaign promises to gun owners, “I will not take your shotgun away… I will not take your rifle away… I won’t take your handgun away… I am not gonna take your guns away.”

It then quickly shifts to a recurring theme that appears throughout almost all of the NRA TV spots.  That is, Obama’s history of appointing liberal, pro-gun control justices to the Supreme Court, i.e. Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayo.


The NRA is ” All In ” on this election and now it’s up to us , the voters . SHOW UP ON TUESDAY … and Bring A Friend .



Here are some of the key statistics from the NRA, courtesy of the Washington Times:

— By Election Day, the NRA will have issued more than 50 million mailers, phone calls, and personal door-to-door visits, a 60 percent increase over 2010.

— Online advertising will have totaled 320 million impressions on web pages opened by those surfing the Internet, a 531 percent increase over 2010.

The hope is that these efforts will have a similar effect as they did in the 2000 election, when the NRA ran a similar campaign and gun owners figured prominently in the defeat of pro-gun control presidential candidate Al Gore. 



Let’s ensure that this is money well spent , shall we ?