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Top 5 NFL Hits To Taxpayers





Published on Jan 30, 2015

” Are you ready for some handouts?

Approximately 1 minute.

Produced by Meredith Bragg.

source: Conventions Sports & Leisure (.pdf)

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Virtually Every Stadium Is Taxpayer Subsidized



” This weekend marks the start of the NFL season, and with it comes the fanfare and attention that being the most lucrative professional sport in America has come to demand.  However, this success has fueled the lucrative stadium financing deals that have been secured by these teams over the past 20 years, often at the expense of taxpayers.

Take, for example, the stadium deal given to the Cincinnati Bengals by Hamilton County in Ohio. Still the most lucrative subsidy in the history of professional football, taxpayers were left paying 94 percent of the $449.8 million tab. This amount doesn’t include other costs in the generous lease, such as the agreement by the county to cover all of the costs of operation and capital improvements. The lease also leaves taxpayers on the hook to fund projects that have not even been invented yet, such things as “ticketless entry systems,” “stadium self-cleaning machines,” and even “holographic replay machines.” 

The Cincinnati Bengals are certainly not alone in getting these sorts of publicly-funded gifts. The Buffalo Bills recently obtained $95 million in subsidies for stadium upgrades.  In return, the state of New York will be given a luxury suite to promote the sorts of corporate handouts that the state can give to other businesses.  Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons will receive $200 million from the city of Atlanta toward a new stadium, funded through bonds backed by the city’s hotel-motel tax.  The Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers have also recently received generous taxpayer-funded stadium deals.  The list goes on.  Nearly every NFL stadium built since 1997 has received some public funding.”



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House Approves Lowering Tuition For Colorado Illegal Immigrant Students, Bill Goes To Governor





” A bill allowing lower tuition rates for illegal immigrant students received final approval from state House lawmakers Friday.

The bill passed 40-21 and will now proceed to Gov. John Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign the bill. Three Republicans joined with all the Democratic lawmakers to approve the bill.

Hickenlooper tweeted, “Undocumented kids will now have a fair and equitable way to pursue a higher education in CO. Well done.”

The bill allows students who graduate from Colorado high schools to attend college at the in-state rate regardless of their immigration status.

Currently, students in the country illegally must pay the non-resident tuition rate, which can be more than three times higher than the in-state rate.”


    Colorado has gone insane . Law-breakers are rewarded with lower tuition rates than American students from out of state … This is truly nuts . Tuition breaks for illegals while denying Constitutional rights to citizen gun owners . What is in the water out there ?

    After coming upon the above graphic it has become apparent that many states provide this price break in tuition prices to ILLEGAL ALIENS … At taxpayer expense of course . Remind us again who the politicians work for .









100 Percent FED Up

  “Wind Turbine Plant Obama Cheered in 2010 Lays Off Two-Thirds of Workforce. 
Obama visited the Siemens wind turbine blade plant in Fort Madison, Iowa in April 2010 and praised the plant as a green energy success story saying, “Investments in clean energy technologies can help return jobs to the country’s heartland.”
Another bust as Siemens Energy Inc. announced today that it will lay off around two thirds of the workforce at its facility in Ft. Madison.

President Obama Visits Siemens 
President Obama visits Siemens’ wind turbine blade plant in Iowa on April 27, 2010 “