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Florida School Suspends 11-Year-Old Girl For Video Recording Teacher Threatening To Hurt Other Student






” An 11-year-old Florida girl was suspended from school after she recorded her fifth-grade teacher threatening and bullying other students.

  The evidence Brianna Cooper recorded was enough to get the teacher fired from the elementary school in Fort Pierce.

  But administrators say it was also enough to earn the student a five-day suspension.

  After all, they claim, the teacher, had an expectation of privacy in the classroom.

  But how much privacy can a public school teacher expect in a large class filled with students, most of them carrying smart phones?

  Also, even before the advent of smartphones, students have long tape recorded classroom lectures by simply placing their recorders on their desks, rarely bothering to ask the teacher for permission to record. 

  In this case, the teacher, whose name has not been released, threatened a student by saying, “I will drop you,” in front of several other students, so their argument that this was a private conversation is laughable.

  The incident took in Samuel Gaines Academy, which is part of the St. Lucie Public School District, where officials refused to comment to the media because it is “an ongoing investigation.”

  But considering they already fired the teacher and suspended the student, their ongoing investigation is nothing more than an excuse to shun the media in the hopes it goes away.”


Apparently the school continues to maintain the ex-teacher’s right to privacy because after reviewing a dozen or more articles on this incident we failed to uncover her identity . Read on














Teacher Fired For Using Broom To Break Up Detroit Classroom Fight





” A teacher who swatted a student with a broom while trying to break up a frenzied fight between two teenagers was fired over the incident by the Education Achievement Authority.

  The fight occurred in a classroom at Pershing High School, one of 15 low-performing Detroit schools taken over by the state-run Education Achievement Authority in 2012.

  Cellphone video footage of the incident obtained by WJBK-TV shows the teacher frantically trying to stop the fight using a broomstick before the two were finally separated from each other, apparently by classmates.”




Read more here while MyFoxDetroit reports:


” WKQI-FM’s Mojo in the Morning has started a GoFundMe account to help the teacher.”



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“teacher fired for posting students’ anti-Obama pictures”

” Louisiana teacher Robert Duncan is fighting for his job at Boyet Junior High School after displaying his students’ pictures of President
Obama in the hallway outside his classroom.

  According to AOL, while the images indicated diverse political beliefs, several were deemed
racist and offensive.

  Must not offend the Obamabots! All Hail El Jefe! Or else “