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An interesting take on the similarities and differences between the Occupiers and the Teapartiers .

“In truth, money is not the problem. Restricting the flow of money into politics only redirects cronyism. It doesn’t stop it. The real problem is what is for sale.
Government is force. That is its essential and exclusive quality. Government has the unique capacity to lawfully coerce behavior. When that capacity is unmoored from justice, it becomes
available to the highest bidder. That is what has happened in America. Lobbyists and donors are
lined up to purchase the initiation of force against their economic and political competitors. Winners get to wield a club with which to
bludgeon others into submission. Losers are S.O.L.
That is why constitutionally limited government is so important, and why Tea Partiers are so
enamored with the Founding and all its historical trappings. Limiting the state’s power to strictly
defined roles prevents regulatory capture and other forms of cronyism. ”

I’m not sure that I share the author’s notion that the brighter Occupiers may well evolve into and come to see the wisdom of the Teapartier’s view of power/authority . It seems to me that the fundamental difference separating the two factions is one of personal responsibility .
   Whereas personal responsibility is , to my mind , the driving force for the right/teaparty/libertarian faction as manifested in our founding principles  , the Occupiers seem to feel that everything is someone else’s fault ala Obama . Obama is the perfect example of the left’s facination with collective blame/shirking of personal responsibility . The under-carriage of his bus is mighty cramped right about now .
    This divide would seem to be an unbridgable chasm given the Occupiers desire for entitlements for all and the Teaparty’s goal of entitlements for none . We shall see .

Brought to my attention by Big Fur Hat , I offer you the opportunity to help in funding an invaluable new video project : Occupy vs. Teaparty . Give a little , Give a lot . Whatever you can afford in these difficult economic times .

Pro-Lugar SuperPAC pulls out of race

 “Lugar still has a big warchest to draw from, so the loss of ads against Mourdock won’t hurt him that badly in the air war. But this is the latest sign that the race is slipping away from the six-term senator, who has been badly damaged after it was revealed he’s lived in Washington, D.C. for decades and is a top target of many conservative groups.

The race seems to be slipping away from Lugar and the American Action Network may want to avoid inflicting any more damage on Mourdock, the likely nominee, ahead of what could be a competitive general election race against Rep. Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.).”

Time for change , I mean new blood , Lugar has done honorable work in the past for the conservative cause , but like all of those that reside in DC too long he has become part of the problem . Perhaps his opponent for the republican nomination , Richard Mourdock will stand us in good stead . Help send ” Obama’s Favorite Republican “ into retirement .

 “Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar has fallen behind state Treasurer Richard Mourdock by five points, according to a new poll released Thursday”



Time for fresh blood . These career politicians need to be shown the door .

“I despise these people,” Orrin Hatch told NPR last week, “and I’m not the guy you come in and
dump on without getting punched in the mouth.” What would make the powerful 36-year incumbent senator from Utah say such a hostile thing? Who does he “despise”? What did they do? Who, exactly, does he want to punch “in the mouth”?

“Just minutes ago, Mia B. Love won the Utah-04 nomination at the Utah Republican Convention. Love received 70.5% of the vote on the second ballot, defeating Carl Wimmer who received 29.5. ”

We are Breitbart , We are the Teaparty . Onward …

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit “Breaking: Utah Delegates
Force Orrin Hatch Into
Primary in Senate Race ”

Good luck and Godspeed to Dan Liljenquist Dan Liljenquist . Check him out , donate and help retire another go-along to get-along establishment hack .

Long Live The Teaparty . Eat that OWS …

PS : Don’t forget Mia Love Mia Love

” But the polls are missing one key ingredient: the intensity of feeling and the level of determination among the 28% of American
adults (66 million people) who consider themselves part of the tea party or are supportive of it. To these people, 2012 is not
“just another election.” It is the defining political battle of our lifetime. “

“Why do I have this feeling that the back-stabbing and petty politics of the Republican insiders are going to leave me completely unexcited about the presidential campaign, and more focused on electing conservatives to Congress as a
counterweight to the (hoped for) new Republican President?
Fight for the Republican nominee we want and the defeat of Obama, but also commence preparations for Operation Counterweight. ”

  This goes with my previous post in support of Mia Love and her US House candidacy . Given that we are very likely to end up with a squish for a Republican candidate/president it is of the utmost importance to elect to the legislative side as many true fiscally responsible , freedom loving candidates as possible .
  The grassroots is where it’s at . Unlike the OWS crowd that is all noise and theatrics , the Teaparty while seemingly out of sight is actually doing the real work of building power and influence from the ground up . Support them .

“So with the sun shining over the crowd at the epicenter of the battle between small-government conservatives and union-backed leftists, it was clear that the movement is down to its essence on each side”

Here is another photo essay on the San Francisco Teaparty Rally

“If you thought that big political rally in San Francisco on Saturday must have have been a “Romney for President” event, then you are forgiven — because it sure looked that way.

But it actually was Tea Partiers from around the Bay Area who gathered on the Embarcadero for the biggest Tea Party of the 2012 election season so far. (That’s right — they’re ba-a-a-a-a-ack, demanding fiscal responsibility and smaller government, and not letting the mainstream media’s lies silence the debate.)

And although early in the campaign Mitt Romney was not at first the Tea Party favorite, they’re now rallying to his side, if Saturday’s event was any indication.” 



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A Texas judge has ruled to strip a Tea Party-aligned group of its non-profit status. The judge ruled that the group, King Street Patriots (KSP), was actually a political action committee (PAC) for engaging in anti-voter fraud efforts.

In reality, the True the Vote campaign is separate from KSP; while both were founded by Tea Party activist Catherine Engelbrecht, the two entities operate separately. “Everyone labels us as the same organization and I think they do that because it’s a political maneuver to creates the impression that the facts are other than what they actually are,” says Catherine Englebrecht, the founder of both organizations. “If we were to argue this on the facts they wouldn’t have a case.” Engelbrecht said that although she is the founder of both groups, they have acted completely apart from one another. “We’re taking a number of actions to make sure that it’s clear the groups operate independently from one another, which they always have.”

The Democratic Party has charged that True the Vote made unlawful political contributions to the Texas Republican Party by working with the party to train poll watchers and by holding candidate forums that were limited to GOP candidates. “Neither group has ever given a political campaign contribution to a political candidate or party,” said Engelbrecht.

“King Street Patriots has on occasion allowed Republican candidates and officials to come speak–which they can do as a 501(c)(4)–but True the Vote has not.” True the Vote fought the Democratic Party’s lawsuit in a counterclaim by challenging several Texas campaign finance laws related to campaign contributions and political action committees.

Democrats have reportedly been targeting Tea Party groups for harassment since their emergence in 2010. The Texas-based judge has deep, overt ties to the Democratic Party. Deitz has been labeled “legendary” by Texas Democrats. In 2009, the Travis County Democratic online newsletter wrote that, “Dietz’s knowledge of court history in Travis County runs deep, and so does his commitment to the Democratic Party.” The Tea Party group is being represented by Hiram Sasser of the Liberty Institute, who promises to appeal. Meanwhile, Democrats seem to be pleased with their effort to undermine the group. Others have come to the aid of the Tea Party groups in general in this regard:

“There’s been quite a few changes in election law since the Democratic Party filed its lawsuit,” said Hiram Sasser, an attorney with the Liberty Institute, the Plano-based nonprofit legal firm representing the King Street Patriots. “Those changes … have crystallized that many ordinances the Democratic Party is trying to enforce are unconstitutional. Obviously, the court did not agree.”

[Sasser] said Liberty Institute, on behalf of King Street Patriots, will appeal.

Chad Dunn, attorney for the Texas Democratic Party, said that the court’s ruling meant the King Street Patriots would be ordered to reveal its political activities and to pay the plaintiffs’ economic damages equal to twice the amount of the Patriots’ expenditures and contributions.

Recently, popular conservative talk radio host Mark Levin sent a letter to the Treasury Department asking for an investigation into the IRS for perceived Tea Party harassment.

Engelbrecht says the case will be appealed. “The first judgment was unfortunate, but not at all unexpected. We look forward to the opportunity to appeal.”


Brandon Darby, Jeff Shapiro, and Dan Riehl contributed to this report.

Courtesy of the BREITBART EMPIRE