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Texas Monthly Talks Ted Nugent





Uploaded on Apr 25, 2008
” Rock musician Ted Nugent discusses his views on the Second Amendment with Evan Smith, editor of TEXAS MONTHLY.”


Cabot Debuts Fine Art Pistol Set At SHOT



Piers Morgan adorns the right grip on the “Left” pistol .




” A mirror image set of 1911 style pistols featuring artistic renderings of President Barack Obama and Piers Morgan was displayed earlier this month at SHOT, the world’s largest consumer firearms tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV. The pistol set is named “The Left and the Right.”



Barack .45

    While Barack Obama adorns the left grip of the “Left” pistol . Suitable location that .



    The “Right” pistol is adorned with carvings of Ted Nugent and President Bush . Go here to see all the photos and to read more . The video below , while not showing the Morgan-Obama set does show the quality of Cabot’s creations with other matched left-right pistol sets . The sets are true mirror image guns with the left-hand gun having all controls , ejection port and even barrel rifling a mirror image of the standard right-handed pistol . Magnificent workmanship . These guns are truly works of art . 



    See more about Cabot Guns here and here but bring your drooling towel . They are awesome creations .






The Shooting 50: Top Twitter Accounts To Follow In The Firearm Industry


The Shooting 50: Top Twitter Accounts to Follow in the Firearm Industry




” The Shooting 50 is our list of the most influential Twitter profiles in the firearms industry.

  The list includes nonprofit organizations, firearms manufacturers, media, journalists, and shooting sports athletes. Their Twitter profiles help their users navigate the complex firearms industry through engaging and informative conversations.

  The majority of these movers and shakers will gather next week in Las Vegas for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s SHOT Show, January 13-14, 2014, the largest shooting, hunting and tactical trade show in the world. Wide Open Spaces will have boots on the ground at SHOT Show bringing you complete coverage of the latest and greatest firearms products.

  Throughout 2014, Wide Open Spaces will have similar lists of influential figures, organizations and companies in other outdoor sports industries, including hunting and fishing.

  So, without further ado, here’s The Shooting 50:


1. The National Rifle Association – @NRA “



See the rest at Wide Open Spaces









Aerosmith and Ted Nugent – Milk Cow Blues

Ted Nugent Destroys Piers Morgan One More Time in New Interview


Ted v Piers




“Ninety-nine point nine percent of the gun owners of America are wonderful people that you are hanging around with here today. Perfectly safe. Perfectly harmless. Wonderful, loving, generous, giving, caring people. Would you leave us the hell alone? Go after the nut jobs, go after the murderers, because I don’t know any.”

Ted Nugent For President




Look closely . It’s there .

Broadcaster’s Vendetta Against Second Amendment Intensifies



” Following its decision to cancel the hit gun show American Guns in response to the Connecticut school massacre, the Discovery Channel has signaled that two more firearms-based programs are set to be axed.

Despite admitting that Sons of Guns has enjoyed “pretty solid ratings,” Discovery Channel spokeswoman Laurie Goldberg indicated to the New York Times that the show would not get the green light for a new season.”

Discovery Channel To Cancel Two More Gun Shows 191212guns

Ted Nugent : 


 ” I have achieved the ultimate gun nut American dream by being trained by the greatest snipers the world has ever known,  being one of the lucky few to get so much trigger time with the heroes of the US Military and law enforcement. I have spent my life studying guns, admiring guns, shooting guns, fondling guns, cleaning guns, buying guns, wearing out guns, going to gun shows, writing about guns, promoting gun ownership, giving guns as gifts, and teaching others about guns.  I’m the gun guy, a loud guitar Dirty Harry with a ponytail. “




” What I’m rarely asked is what I believe to be the most important gun. Without question, the Red Ryder BB gun is the most important gun in the history of American weaponry.  I suspect more American shooters have begun their shooting lifestyle with a Red Ryder than any other gun.  Tens of millions of Red Ryders have probably been sold, making it the most popular gun in American history. “


Aporkalypse Now Snags #1 Most Watched Programming in its Category

” Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for the American Sportsman, announced that its “Pig Man: The Series” Aporkalypse Now episode garnered the network the #1 ranking in the key M18-49 category among mid-sized networks and earned a .5 rating in that demo during that half hour*, according to Nielsen. The show, which aired Sunday, August 26 at 10pm ET, featured host Brian “Pig Man” Quaca and guest Ted Nugent joining forces for a high-octane helicopter harvest, educating and entertaining viewers on the dangers of feral pigs and producing an impressive harvest from two of the industry’s biggest personalities. “Pig Man: The Series”airs exclusively on Sportsman Channel. “

DC Caller : Army base cancels Ted Nugent concert over anti-Obama remarks.

Makes one wonder where the troops’ loyalties will be when the SHTF . I want to believe that the rank and file would never fire on their fellow citizens but it’s hard to believe that the brass won’t issue the orders . it seems that the corruption of the Federal authorities is nearly complete . This calls for a book recommendation . If you haven’t read ” Unintended Consequences ” by John Ross , perhaps you should .