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Pakistani TV Game Show Awards Contestants Abandoned Babies As Prizes During Ramadan Ratings Wars



” Pakistan may be an impoverished, conservative Muslim nation 7,000 miles away, but in some unexpected ways the country has some similarities to the United States. For one thing, Pakistanis love television game shows – and broadcasters wage a bitter battle for ratings, even during the holy month of Ramadan. And, like some U.S. TV shows (and particularly the much-maligned “reality” genre), some Pakistani television fare skirts the bounds of good taste.

According to reports in British media, a Pakistani prime-time television show called “Amaan Ramazan” on the Geo channel is giving away abandoned babies (mostly female) to childless couple contestants. “








3 Killed in Helicopter Crash Filming ‘Military’ Themed Reality Show for Discovery Channel



Chopper Crash



” Discovery Channel released the following statement:  “A production company was shooting a show for Discovery Channel when this tragic accident occurred,” the station said in a statement. “We are all cooperating fully with authorities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families.”




Looks Like A Blast

Folkrace is a popular, inexpensive, and entry-level form of Swedish rallycross that originally came fromFinland, where it was called (Everyone’s Class). The sport also exists in Norway and Denmark, where it is known as Bilcross and Folkerace respectively.

The races are run on special gravel or tarmac tracks, 2,400 metres 
(1.5 mi) in length. The tracks are designed to limit the top speed to 
80 km/h (50 mph). The competitions are divided into different classes 
depending on age and gender. Participants can be as young as 15 years of
The race is divided into different heats with usually 6 cars. The 
driver winning a race is awarded seven points, second five points, third
four points and so on. When all the heats have been driven, the total 
score is calculated and the top six drivers get to race in the A final, 
the next six in the B final and so on. The winner of the A final wins 
the event.

Folk Race