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Watch The First Game Of Thrones Season 4 Trailer




” The show has won 44 television awards and received 99 nomination. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones.”








Duck Dynasty, Dance Moms Edition




Published on Jan 7, 2014

” Conan hits the INFO button on his remote and discovers the dark truth about his favorite shows. More CONAN @http://teamcoco.com/video “









The 2013 Clip Of The Year



Published on Dec 19, 2013

” At the end of each year we pick our favorite clips – and we award the one that rises above them all. See who Jimmy picked as his favorite clip of 2013 – with a special appearance from the winner.”














Real Time Satellite Tracking



   With this site you can keep track of where satellites are in their orbits over the Earth . Weather , military , communications and geostationary are available with lots of data including , altitudes , speeds , locations , launch dates , operators , etcetera all brought to you by N2YO.com .







Aereo Could Bring Down Broadcast TV

” Could it really turn out that a company with a seemingly loopy business model — capturing over-the-air TV signals and streaming them to subscribers over the Internet — will be the thing that finally brings down the American broadcasting industry? Quite possibly.

Chase Carey, News Corp.’s (NWSA) chief operating officer, said Monday that if the company in question, Aereo, is allowed to continue, his company’s Fox Broadcasting, and all its affiliate stations, will stop broadcasting over the air and go all-cable. “If CBS, NBC, and ABC follow,” says Bloomberg News, it would “mark an end to television as it’s been known since The Honeymooners aired in the 1950s.” So far, those networks haven’t weighed in, but the Spanish-language TV giant Univision has: It made a similar threat after Carey made his remarks during to the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

Those other networks, though, along with PBS and Fox, are fighting hard to put Aereo out of business. But so far, they’re losing their legal argument. A federal appeals court last week ruled that Aereo can keep operating while their lawsuit against the company proceeds. In so doing, the judges noted that the networks are unlikely to win at trial. Barring a further appeal to the Supreme Court or passage of new laws, that would mean that broadcast signals are there for the taking by Internet streaming companies like Aereo, which is backed by Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactive (IACI).

Aereo says it’s basically doing the same thing, but with broadcast signals, which, after all, are free for the taking by any viewer who wants them. Aereo makes a TV signal available to viewers, via the Internet, for a subscription fee. The legal basis for the business depends on Aereo creating a separate video file for each subscriber — something that’s not technically necessary but is done only to comply with copyright laws.

Aereo draws more viewers to the programming, and hence to the ads. But it devalues the cable subscriptions that people buy largely in order to access local and live programming without having to fuss with an antenna.”

All about the new Aereo phenomenon here :

Watch Live TV Online | Aereo

Aereo Won in Court; Can It Win Over Consumers? – Businessweek

By Putting Over-the-Air Online Legally, Aereo Clears The Way For ALL TV Everywhere

Good news for cable cord-cutters in Aereo win

Aereo Scores A Big Victory In Court As TV Network Appeal Of …

Inside Combat Rescue


Combat Rescue


” For the first time ever, camera crews embed on a deployment to Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force’s elite rescue team, Pararescuemen or PJs, as they fly day and night, in any weather, to save those in peril on the battlefield.”

EXTREME Christmas Lights [VIDEO]



” Tis the season to be jolly, and Christmas is everywhere — on the radio, on TV, in stores and even in elevators — so you had best get used to it. The sound of Christmas will assail your eardrums everywhere for the next three weeks, even if one more rendition of “Jingle Bells” is liable to push you to commit tinsel-facilitated homicide.

After you have bought enough food to feed an army of elves and purchased enough electronics to open your own version of Best Buy, you can return to your beautifully decorated home where, if you are you are lucky enough to live next door to one of the people in this selection of videos  below, you are likely to have your retinas seared off. “

 ‘You Better Give Your Money Away Before It Gets Taken From You’ 


 ” Last Man Standing star Tim Allen had some harsh words Wednesday for how our government is currently operating.

Appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, Allen said, “You better give your money away before it gets taken from you” (video follows with transcript and commentary): ”


Humans Evolving Into Bigger Idiots?

If one is to judge by the present culture , we would have to agree .

 ” It’s also hard to refute. The last few decades of disasters are hardly support for any argument of massive intelligence by humans. From great prosperity to great stupidity is apparently easy, if you’re dumb enough.

The sheer hatred of intellect in media, with “nerds”, “geeks” and other pre-pubescent language, is also pretty obvious. If you’ve got ten broken legs, apparently you go and get a celebrity, not a doctor.

TV is also a great example of total loss of intelligence across society. Find a group of layabouts, stick them in front of a camera, give them a few circus tricks to do and call it entertainment. The most boring people on Earth are the new norm. In the 60s, you’d never have lasted a second. Now, we’re on the umpteenth year of Big Brother, “talent” shows with old has-beens as judges, and of course endless revivals of every movie ever made. Intelligent? No. Nothing like it.

The rot goes deeper, though. We now have highly qualified people who can’t think outside their training at all. They will not question one word of anything they’ve “learned”. We have academics fearlessly upholding century or more old theories as though they’ll never change.

They’re like little kids. This is how you learn, and they just don’t take it any further. They don’t know how to do any sort of original interpretation. There’s even a sick statistic running around that about 40% of college grads don’t read a book ever again after graduation. ”

I Am The Slime

Bob Hope  (May 29, 1903 – July 27, 2003) 

  “For a man who played third billing to Siamese twins and trained seals, Bob Hope has become the most recognized profile and talent in the world. And, in the entire history of show business, no individual has traveled so far — so often — to entertain so many.

Hope’s entertainment persona has been evident in every decade of the 20th century — from impersonating Charlie Chaplin in front of the firehouse in Cleveland in 1909, to celebrating an unprecedented 60 years with NBC in 1996.”



The fifth of seven sons, he was born Leslie Townes Hope in Eltham, England on May 29, 1903. His English father, William Henry Hope, was a stonemason — his Welsh mother, Avis Townes Hope, an aspiring concert singer.”



 “In 1940, Hope made his first film with popular crooner Bing Crosby. The pair starred together as a pair of likeable con artists in The Road to Singapore with Dorothy Lamour playing their love interest. The duo proved to be box office gold. Hope and Crosby, who remained lifelong friends, made seven Road pictures together.”




1988Highway to Heaven (TV series)

– Heaven Nose, Mister Smith (1988) … Sycopomp
1986A Masterpiece of Murder (TV movie)
Dan Dolan

1985Spies Like Us

1980The Toni Tennille Show (TV series)

– Pilot (1980)
19773 Girls 3 (TV series)

– Episode #1.1 (1977)
1969Roberta (TV movie)
Huckleberry Haines

1969How to Commit Marriage
Frank Benson

1968The Private Navy of Sgt. O’Farrell
Sgt. Dan O’Farrell

1968Carnival Nights (TV movie)

1968Get Smart (TV series)
Room Service Attendant

– 99 Loses Control (1968) … Room Service Attendant (uncredited)
1967The Danny Thomas Hour (TV series)
Makeup Man

– The Royal Follies of 1933 (1967) … Makeup Man
1967Eight on the Lam
Henry Dimsdale

1963-1966Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre (TV series)
George Warren / Horatio Lovelace / Les Haines / …

– The Blue-Eyed Horse (1966) … Spectator (uncredited)
– Murder at N.B.C. (1966) … Van Smirtch
– Russian Roulette (1965) … Les Haines
– Have Girls, Will Travel (1964) … Horatio Lovelace
– Her School for Bachelors (1964) … Monte Collins
1966Hollywood Star Spangled Revue (short)

1966Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number!
Thomas J. ‘Tom’ Meade

1965Magic Mansion (TV series)
Bob Hope

– Clowning Around (1965) … Bob Hope
1965I’ll Take Sweden
Bob Holcomb

1962-1964The Jack Benny Program (TV series)
Bob Hope

– The Bob Hope Show (1962) … Bob Hope
1964The Lucy Show (TV series)

– Lucy and the Plumber (1964) … Irving
1964Mr. and Mrs. (TV movie)
Bill Blakley

1964A Global Affair
Frank Larrimore

1963Call Me Bwana

1961Bachelor in Paradise
Adam J. Niles

1960The Facts of Life
Larry Gilbert

1959Alias Jesse James
Milford Farnsworth

1958Roberta (TV movie)
Huckleberry Haines

1958Paris Holiday
Robert Leslie Hunter

1957Beau James
Mayor James J. ‘Jimmy’ Walker

1956The Charles Farrell Show (TV series)
Hotel Guest

– Secrets (1956) … Hotel Guest
1956The Iron Petticoat
Major Charles “Chuck” Lockwood

1956That Certain Feeling
Francis X. Dignan

1956Showdown at Ulcer Gulch (short)
Influential Man

1955Lux Video Theatre (TV series)
Lux Video Theatre Guest

– Forever Female (1955) … Lux Video Theatre Guest
1954Casanova’s Big Night
Pippo Popolino

1953Here Come the Girls
Stanley Snodgrass

1953Scared Stiff
Skeleton (uncredited)

1953Off Limits
Wally Hogan

1951-1953All Star Revue (TV series)
Guest – Cameo / Guest Comedian

– Episode #3.26 (1953) … Guest Comedian
– Episode #2.10 (1951) … Guest – Cameo
1952The Greatest Show on Earth
Spectator (uncredited)

1951My Favorite Spy
Peanuts White/Eric Augustine

1951The Lemon Drop Kid
Sidney Milburn (The Lemon Drop Kid)

1949The Great Lover
Freddie Hunter

1947Where There’s Life
Michael Joseph Valentine

1943Let’s Face It
Jerry Walker

1943They Got Me Covered
Robert Kittredge

1942Bob’s Busy Day (short)

1941Louisiana Purchase
Jim Taylor

1941Nothing But the Truth
Steve Bennett

1941Caught in the Draft
Don Bolton

1939The Cat and the Canary
Wally Campbell

1939Some Like It Hot
Nicky Nelson

1939Never Say Die
John Kidley

1938/IIThanks for the Memory
Steve Merrick

1938Give Me a Sailor
Jim Brewster

1938College Swing
Bud Brady

1938The Big Broadcast of 1938
Buzz Fielding

1936Shop Talk (short)
Robert Hope Jr.

1935Double Exposure (short)

1935Watch the Birdie (short)

1935Calling All Tars (short)

1935The Old Grey Mayor (short)

1934Paree, Paree (short)

1934Soup for Nuts (short)
Master of Ceremonies

1934Going Spanish (short)
   “Hope’s career spanned 60 years (1934 to 1994), and included over 70 films and shorts. He also had many stage appearances, and a large number of television roles. He had a great interest in sport, including golf, boxing, and football—owning a small stake in the Cleveland Indians for most of his professional life. He was married to Grace Troxell from 1933 until 1934, and to Dolores Hope from 1934 until his death.”

   “Hope did many specials for the NBC television network in the following decades, beginning in April 1950. These were often sponsored by General Motors (1955–1961), Chrysler (1963–73) and Texaco (1975–1985), and Hope served as a spokesman for these companies for many years and would sometimes introduce himself as “Bob, from Texaco, Hope.” Hope’s Christmas specials were popular favorites and often featured a performance of “Silver Bells” (from his 1951 film The Lemon Drop Kid) done as a duet with an often much younger female guest star (such as Olivia Newton-JohnBarbara Eden, and Brooke Shields), or with his wife Delores, with whom he dueted on two specials.

In October 1956, Hope appeared on an episode of the most-viewed program in America at the time, I Love Lucy. He said, upon receiving the script: “What? A script? I don’t need one of these”[cite this quote], and ad-libbed the entire episode. Desi Arnaz said of Hope after his appearance: “Bob is a very nice man, he can crack you up, no matter how much you try for him to not.”[cite this quote] Lucy and Desi returned the favor by appearing on one of his Chevy Show specials (with Vivian Vance and William Frawley) later that season and the former would go on to co-star with Hope in three movies.”



 “Hope’s entertainment persona was evident in every decade of the 20th century — from impersonating Charlie Chaplin in front of the firehouse in Cleveland in 1909, to celebrating an unprecedented 60 years with NBC in 1996″



Thanks For The Memories Bob.