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After 168 Years, Potato Famine Mystery Solved




” An international team of scientists has finally solved one of history’s greatest mysteries: What caused the devastating Irish potato famine of 1845? The research team, which published its findings in the journal eLife this week, used DNA sequencing of plant specimens dating from the mid-19th century to identify the pathogen that led to the death of nearly 1 million people and the mass emigration of another 2 million from Ireland by 1855. The discovery marks the first time scientists have successfully sequenced a plant’s genome from preserved samples and opens the door for further research into the evolution of pathogens and the spread of plant disease around the world.”
















Laissez Faire Capitalism


” The world is not overpopulated and never will be. The world has been able to support larger and larger populations do to the division of labor and specialization of trade. If markets were freed up and people were allowed to engage in peaceful activities without restrictions, we would all be richer and better off. “