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     Heh … Grandma was a loyal Republican until the day she died . Ever since , she’s voted Democrat . Vote fraud is real folks , make no mistake about it .







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” Pictures truly are worth 1000 words. Lets find a few for this one…

 As usual leave them in the comments and I’ll post the best ones in the next day or so.”


Here are a couple entries to sample before you add your own pithy witticism .



  • ” Smilin’ Jack

    “Can you believe it? My waist got bigger, but my boob belt size stayed the same.”


    It flopped to the wrong side and she’s readjusting. “



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From The Looking Spoon By Way Of America Secede or Die





Hold it up to the sun … LOL









44 Hilarious (And Some Serious) Christmas Images And Memes






” This will be a relatively apolitical post. Unless something really awesome happens this is my last post until the 26th, so I wanted to leave it on a pretty festive note 🙂

Merry Christmas! “









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Some Of The Best Graphics Destroying Obamacare Right Here! (20 images)




From the fertile minds at the Looking Spoon








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14 Ways you might be a liberal...








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” Fresh from the Image Gallery. This graphic is in honor of the end result of 50 years of Democrats ruling the city of Detroit with an iron fist.”












The Latest Slogan To Describe Obama’s Second Term Agenda










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An Oklahoma teacher's


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Mr. Conservative Cartoon Of The Day







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The bravest people in America are black conseratives








If Anti-Drone Patriots Are “Wacko Birds” Then I’d Hate To Be What John McCain Is…



Abortion vs. Guns



Abortion vs. Guns


The Ways In Which Democrats And Republicans Really Are Like Cats And Dogs…



The Two Faces Of Obama’s View On The Sequester




Ten Democrat Tips For Avoiding Rape Without Needing A Gun


” Dana Loesch reported on a very disturbing diatribe from a Colorado Democrat in favor of a slew of gun control measures in that state. He had an interesting take on women’s ability to perceive threats to their safety, as well as a interesting, er…offensive list of “tactics” women at the University of Colorado can use to cope with being attacked.

This article, here, and the ensuing #LiberalTips2AvoidRape hashtag game on Twitter inspired this list…”



Candy Hearts Made Just For Liberal Democrats







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100 Percent FED Up

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A Patriot’s Christmas List


Switching Policies Could Have Saved A Bundle On Your Income Taxes…