Vertigo-Inducing 1000ft Viewing Platform In Chicago Opens To Tourists






” Brave tourists have been trying out Chicago’s newest attraction – a 1000ft-high viewing platform that offers spectacular downward facing views over the city.”






” TILT is housed on the 94th floor of the 360 Chicago skyscraper and, as the names suggests, the enclosed glass and steel platform tilts visitors forward for a unique perspective of the city’s The Magnificent Mile.”







” The attraction, which costs $5 to tourists and is thought to be the first of its kind, holds up to eight people, with the platform slowly moving outward to an adventurous angle above the Windy City.

  Patrick Abisseror, CEO of Montparnasse 56 Group, which owns 360 CHICAGO, said: ‘We had a vision for elevating the experience, and providing memories for guests that will last a lifetime.

‘ TILT is yet another example of the innovative and forward-thinking vision of Montparnasse 56 Group.’ “


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