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Muslims Beat Up A Dutch Girl And Politicians Are Living On The Moon 20 September 2014





Published on Sep 21, 2014

  GEEN STIJL, EJ BRON, NOS: Apart from nice weather, is this September week, full of interesting news items from The Netherlands. It had started by a ‘glamour Jihadist’ from Huizen, in ‘Het Gooi’ (an area where Dutch VIP’s use to live) who had on his computers manuals and detailed planes for terror assaults; including suicide bombing. It had proceeded by a brutal attack of Muslim immigrants on an indigenous 15 years old girl from IJmuiden.

  During the debates on State affairs, two days ago, PM Mark Rutte had dedicated a special word for Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party. Rutte reflects his anger on Wilders negative views on Muslims and Moroccans. They deserve much more respect for their contribution to Dutch society.
By the way, the girl was molested on a spot called ‘Plein 1945’; a square named after the year in which The Netherlands was freed by the allies from the Nazis.

  PM Mark Rutte says Wilders cannot stand in the shadow of all the good Moroccans (and other Muslims). They are outstanding people who are busy in their mosque (with what?), are serving in the army (of whom? The one of Allah?) …and of course they are excellent neighbours; especially in the Sharia neighbourhoods of The Hague, Amsterdam etc. “

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Obama Secret Agents Sent Home After One Is Found Drunk In Amsterdam Hotel







” Three American secret agents were sent home from the Netherlands just before Barack Obama’s arrival, after one agent was found inebriated in an Amsterdam hotel, the US secret service said.

  The three agents were returned to the US on Sunday for “disciplinary reasons”, secret service spokesman Ed Donovan said on Tuesday, declining to elaborate. Donovan said the incident occurred before the president’s arrival in the country on Monday and did not compromise his security in any way.

  But the incident represents a fresh blemish for an elite agency struggling to rehabilitate its reputation following a high-profile prostitution scandal and other allegations of misconduct. An inspector general’s report in December concluded there was no evidence of widespread misconduct, in line with the service’s longstanding assertion that it has no tolerance for inappropriate behaviour.

  The agents sent home from Amsterdam were placed on administrative leave, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the disciplinary action. The newspaper said all three were on the counter-assault team, which defends the president if he comes under attack, and that one agent was a team leader.

  One agent was discovered highly intoxicated by staff at a hotel, who reported it to the US embassy, said a person familiar with the situation, who was not authorised to discuss the alleged behaviour on the record and demanded anonymity.”


More on the continuing escapades of Barack’s Secret Service at The Guardian











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Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium







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