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  Announcing a new Facebook Page … I Am A Gun Owner




” ***In response to Armed Intelligentsia requests, we’ve created an ‘I Am A Gun Owner’ album on the TTAG Facebook page here. *** Please send your “I Am a Gun Owner” statement photo to guntruth@me.com with the word PHOTO (all caps) in the subject bar. Let us know if you want us to use your name, a screen nic or remain anonymous. ”




Compact Firepower

Obscure Object Of Desire: Micor Defense “Leader 50″ Bullpup

  “Let’s face it — the Barrett M82 .50 BMG is sooo 2009. I mean, all that range and knockdown power is great, but who wants to lug around a 57-inch long, 30-pound light artillery piece?”

Gun Review: McMillan Tactical Hunter


“A lot of hunting in the United States happens within 100 yards of the shooter, especially where I come from. Tree stands and scent masking potions are more important than an accurate rifle; a Mosin Nagant is good enough to take the shot in these situations. For large swaths of the country—where cover is scarce and targets are many hundreds of yards away—accuracy and energy are key to taking down that game. Those longer ranges are where the traditional choices for a hunting rifle start to fail . . . “


Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act: Ban Online Ammo Sales and Register All Purchases Over 1000 Rounds

Sig Sauer P226

The Truth About Guns 


A review 




The Truth About Guns on whether an armed citizen may have stopped James Holmes .


“If Cinemark hadn’t made their business a “gun free” zone, if James Holmes knew he might face that kind of tactical disadvantage during his attack, maybe he would have chosen a different target. Or used explosives instead. Or . . . who knows. But sometimes the best offense is a good defense.”

Robert Farago

   ” I could cite stats proving that American gun rights are ascendant. This site has more than 5,000 posts making that point. As you know, those who oppose the spirit and letter of the Second Amendment have no more interest in facts than fans of Candice Swanepoel have in seeing the South African model
become a latter day Anita Bryant .

   Gun control advocates will never rest until the collectivist spirit is expressed—or re-expressed—by the curtailment of our individual right to keep and bear arms. “

Pistol Review

 Ralph from TTAG reviews the new Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield


” I Say Hello to My Little Friend

I opened the box expecting to find a Noisy Cricket tucked inside. In its glamorous publicity shots, the Shield looks like a really tiny niney, but the pictures are deceiving. In real life, the Shield is small, sure, but it’s no mouse gun. The Shield measures in at only 6/10ths of an inch shorter than Smith’s M&P Compact and weighs in at less than three ounces lighter.”

This Tweet by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence—chiding Republicans pursuing a contempt of Congress citation for U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder while calling for an assault weapons ban—plays straight into the hands of Fast and Furious “conspiracy theorists.” You know: the right wing gun nuts who claim the ATF launched Operation F&F to promote the idea that Something Must Be Done about the [almost entirely fictional and just about completely irrelevant] “Iron River” of guns flowing from Bob’s Gun Store to the Mexican drug cartels. That something being . . . “

The Truth About Guns guys got to check out and “tease-fire” this beautiful long gun at the NDIA  (National Defense Industry Association) get-together aqnd were kind enough to offer us enthusiasts a sneak peak at the military’s newest choice in long range firepower . It is a sweet looking rifle . Check it out . 


Here’s a peek .


Isn’t she a beauty ? 


Robert Farago on the latest F&F business 

 ” By invoking Executive Privilege to deny the Committee the documents they’d subpoenaed,  the White House confirmed its direct involvement in the Fast and Furious scandal, wherein the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (AFT) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (amongst others) facilitated the illegal sale of over 2000 firearms to known criminals. And then let them “walk.” ” 

The Truth About Guns 

  ” “Dawoud Zoubeidi has done the pro-gun crowd no favor,” the anti-gun Chicago Sun Times editorialist begins. “When Zoubeidi raced out of his Calumet City clothing store and fired three shots at a fleeing thief, he played right into the fear of every opponent of looser gun laws who worries about Wild West shoot-em-ups.” Uh-oh. “Zoubeidi fired a .40-caliber handgun. A bullet from a .40-caliber can travel a mile. Zoubeidi is lucky he didn’t hit an innocent shopper or child.” True dat. “Now, almost two years after the incident, Zoubeidi is about to stand trial on felony weapons charges, and we’re bracing for the predictable outrage from the NRA. Surely they will rally to his defense, right?” Don’t call me Shirley. “Actually, no.” I’m confused . . .”

We want to attend this University .

No Left-wing tenured hippies here .

   “While most of the students (myself included) spent Day 1 at the range familiarizing ourselves with the Gunwerks platform, Day 2 was about getting off the bench into some realistic field positions and making good shots on different target at a variety of distances. We had the same sighting targets at 400, 700, and 950 from Day 1, but got to see some additional small targets between 700 and 800 yards, and finally some small-scale elk silhouettes at 880 . . .”

    From  The Truth About Guns comes an enlightening example of the superior quality of law enforcement training . Leave it to the experts as they say .


 “How is it that so many cops manage to handle their guns – the ones for which they’ve received all that training and developed all that expertise – so poorly? Take Chief Walt Sanford of the Adirondack town of Fort Edward, New York. As portstar.com reports, he just put a 9×19 through his left hand while doing a little routine maintenance.”

“There never was any intention to sell the TI-1 (or to put titanium AR-10s into production), but people heard about it and wanted to know how much it would cost, so NEMO had to put a price on it. They looked at the $30,000 worth of Titanium in the rifle, and the dozens of tools worn out and/or broken in the process of producing it and came up with “meh – keep it under $100,000”. . . .”