We are being pushed into poverty by the very powers that are supposed to protect our interests .

   It’s fast approaching the time to abandon pitchforks and torches and pick up the gun .

   You think that is extreme ? Then explain to US exactly what authority can now be trusted .

   Read this from the New York Sun .

” So it turns out that the great scandal of the London Interbank Offered Rate has spilled over to the Federal Reserve. It seems, according to a dispatch of Reuters, that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York “may have known as early as August 2007 that the setting of global benchmark interest rates was flawed.” It was consulted when the problems first arose at Britain, and it sent some suggestions for reform. But these are now looking inadequate. “As one of the world’s most powerful regulators, the New York Fed has the power to ‘jawbone’ banks to force them to make tough decisions,” Reuters reported, attributing the point to a former associate general counsel at the Federal Reserve in Washington, Oliver Ireland.”