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‘I’m Not The Young Muslim Socialist I Used To Be!’ Obama Blasts His Critics And Even Mocks Michelle’s Hair At Correspondents’ Dinner





” Pictures of him with Michelle-style bangs, quips about Jay-Z and sideswipes at the media and his political foes helped Barack Obama win laughs at this year’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

The traditional send-up speech saw the President earn some laughter at his own expense but also land some funny blows against the media and the Republican Party. 

The President opened with a soft joke about his time in office but increasingly moved onto more controversial territory – even joking about ‘burning books with Michelle Bachmann’.”








Lapdog Media Goes Into Overdrive to Warn Americans of the Sequester Disaster

REVIEW: How Hollywood Butchered A Cult Classic To Appease China




 ” The new Red Dawn remake is a fine example of a number of dispiriting trends in the filmmaking industry. The picture was based on a brand name instead of a heartfelt original tale. The studios mutilated it in order to placate Chinese Communists. And it was served up to audiences that studios assume will eat whatever they are served.

Ever-increasing budgets and declining domestic audiences have forced studios to look for box office success abroad. “Aimed at Bangkok and Bangalore as much as at Bangor,” David Denby recently wrote in the New Republic, “our big movies have been defoliated of character, wit, psychology, local color.” He’s right.

But it is not only the adult dramas championed by Denby that have been sapped of their vitality; action films, too, have seen plot and character sacrificed for commerce.

Just compare the original Red Dawn with its remake.

Made in 1984 for a budget of a little more than $4 million, John Milius’ story of teenage American partisans fighting a Communist invasion in the mountains of Colorado during World War III was a modest financial success, with a gross of more than $38 million.

Perhaps more importantly, the original Red Dawn annoyed all the right people. The New York Times review described it as “technically proficient, emotionally infantile, politically nuts.” The picture, like Rambo, became a cultural touchstone for Reagan’s America. “

When mainstream journalists commit actual journalism


  ” I recently attended the Walter Duranty Awards for Journalistic Mendacity , a highly entertaining event aimed at calling attention to the past year’s most egregious instances of mainstream-media
bias. Sponsored jointly by The New
Criterion and PJ Media , the awards are named after the most notoriously corrupt journalist of all time: the New York Times Moscow correspondent, Soviet apologist, and 1932 Pulitzer winner who pushed the Stalinist line that reports of the great famine in the Ukraine—brought on by forced collectivization and causing an estimated 6 million deaths—were nothing more than “malignant propaganda.”

  Needless to say, many contenders vied for the Duranty. While the judges ruled ineligible, “because we could not determine culpability,” the unnamed NBC News producers whose editing of the tape of George Zimmerman’s 911 call completely distorted its meaning, the winners were eminently worthy.
  Second runner-up went to blogger Andrew Sullivan, for his campaign against “what Sullivan calls ‘genital mutilation,’ or as most of us refer to
it, ‘circumcision’”; for his “never-ending and relentless crusade to prove that Sarah Palin was not the mother of her Down Syndrome
baby, Trig”; and “for being Barack Obama’s greatest cheerleader.” “

  Sure…move along now , nothing to see here .

” CNN has apologized for what it says “was a poor choice” of music to accompany a news story.
The story was about Fox News
contributor and former GOP VP
candidate Sarah Palin , who was visiting a local Chik-Fil-A fast food restaurant.

   The song was “Stupid Girls,” by Pink. Some viewers noticed the correlation, and complained vocally.

   The Hollywood Reporter received a statement from CNN apologizing for the incident, which it says was not intentional. “

What’s Good for the Goose …

I too am of the opinion that some oppo-research is in order for these bootlickers in the old media . Seems to me that by casting their lot with Obama and the progressive Left they forfeit any claim to neutrality thus making them part of the opposing team . 


  “We now have three  instances of three individual Politico writers digging up and publishing political oppo-research about the private lives of private citizens who don’t support Obama, and the motive behind these attacks can only be for two reasons:…”