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Sheriff Clarke: “Calling 911 And Waiting Is No Longer Your Best Option”


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke



MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office released a new public service announcement regarding gun safety on Thursday, January 24th that is getting attention for its bluntness.

In the PSA, Sheriff David Clarke says, “With officers laid off and furloughed, simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option. You could beg for mercy from a violent criminal, hide under the bed, or you can fight back. But are you prepared?”

He goes on to say, “You have a duty to protect yourself and your family. We’re partners now. Can I count on you?”


Common Sense You Would Say …


“He is saying we are responsible, in a lot of cases for our own personal safety,” said Schneider.”



But Not To The Usual Handwringers …



” Bonavia says Clarke is asking citizens to become vigilantes. ”



And They Include The Man Who Tried To Steal Scott Walker’s Seat In The Governor’s Mansion …


” The office of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said in a statement: “Apparently Sheriff David Clark (sp) is auditioning for the next Dirty Harry movie.” ”



To Which Clarke Responded …



”Several years ago a tire iron-wielding suspect beat Mayor Tom Barrett to within inches of his life.  I would think that he would be a lot more sensitive to people being able to defend themselves in such instances.  A firearm and a plan of defense would have come in handy for him that day.”





Cautiously Optimistic

  Let’s all hope that this turns out to be an accurate representation of public sentiment . It would certainly remove a generous portion of candy out of the union’s pinata .



Unions Take A Hit

  In the Wisconsin democratic gubernatorial primary held yesterday there were two (sort of) winners , the nominee , Tom Barrett who is no friend of the unions and the biggest winner of all , Governor Walker himself . Here is how David Blaska of IBWisconsin tells it : 

“Tuesday’s recall election was a giant repudiation of Big Labor. It was a huge smackdown of the union bosses by a Wisconsin that is 86.5% non-union and tired of all the whining. Gov. Scott Walker was the real winner last night.

The air is out of the recall balloon. The government employee unions’ anointed one, Kathleen Falk, was routed big-time. Their cause? In tatters. Their followers, dazed and dispirited.”

Routed , as in lost by a nearly 2 to 1 margin :

“Tom Barrett routed The Kathleen 58% to 34% in the Democrats’ gubernatorial primary precisely because he did not sell his soul to the government labor unions. (In Dane County, where people know Falk best, he won 62% to 31%!) ”

Read this next one carefully :

“Here is the shocker: With no reason for Republicans to vote, Gov. Scott Walker darn near got more votes than the four Democrats combined – 626,538 to 665,436.”

And the pièce de résistance :

 ” What’s more, the Democrats managed to attract only two-thirds as many votes as the 900,000 who signed the recall petitions. Why did almost 300,000 people stay home?”

Read the whole thing and rejoice . As I’ve said before , the tide of progressivism has ebbed and while it has come about for a variety of reasons I think it is safe to say that “Dear Leader” has played a defining role . The old adage ” be careful what you wish for ” has come around to bite the progressive left on their collective rear end . So determined were they to anoint an empty “non-white” progressive suit to the job of leader that they never counted on the fact that he would actually live up to his reputation of having accomplished little in life other than self-promotion . 

  It appears that no one on the left ever gave a thought to the ramifications to their cause should their chosen “ONE” not live up to their hype , and of course hype is all that he amounts to . Now the time has arrived to pay the piper and their purse is empty . The extreme nature of their chosen leader has soiled them and their cause for generations to come . If you doubt my words just try and find any Democrat that actually desires the help of Obama in their re-election campaign .