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The  United States Of Hunting From Wide Open Spaces 







” The infographic kicks things off with the Grandfather of American hunting, Teddy Roosevelt, and a great historic quote of his. From there, well, you know what an infographic is. Some of the numbers are pretty impressive: $10.4 billion in travel expenses? That’s pretty significant.

  Take a look at the rest of the facts and figures in the infographic, and be sure to click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.”



Thanks To Wide Open Spaces & Bass Pro Shops









GBR 2013


” Watch wiremen Justin Petrilli & Erik Lorentzen take on the Black Marlin of the Great Barrier Reef, including three over 1,000 pounds, on Tradition with Capt. Tim Richardson.”

     As winter rages all through the northeast , those of us who aren’t known as fans of the winter sports … skiing , snowmobiling and such , find ourselves longing for the moment we can splash our boats and head out for a day of or I should say , many days of , fishing . Until that time comes we’ll just have to live vicariously through the catches of others and this crew has some catches . Enjoy .









Harley Goes Water-Cooled

Why Did Harley-Davidson Break 110 Years of Tradition With Liquid Cooling?




” However, more crucial than the technical intriciacies of Harley’s “Precision Liquid Cooling Strategy” is the question of why they chose to break tradition on the occasion of their 110th anniversary. Contrary to rumors that regulatory restrictions are pushing motorcycle manufacturers to ditch oil and air cooling, Harley insists the move came in response to their extensive customer feedback program (dubbed “Project Rushmore”), which culled data from over 20 focus groups in the U.S. and Europe. Riders, it turns out, don’t like crotch-melting heat (go figure), and cooling the cylinder heads (in much the same way that BMW’s newest R1200GS does) enables a modicum of thermal management without requiring a giant radiator to be bolted ahead of the engine.


Liquid-cooled heads are currently only available on the Electra Glide Ultra Classic Limited, Tri-Glide, and CVO Limited, and should shoppers choose to stick to strictly oil and air-cooled mills, they have the option of putting their dollars towards the standard Electra Glide Ultra Classic model.”







Auburn Oaks: The Final Roll