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Meprolight MOR Reflex Sight



” Since MAC started to review the new IMI Tavor, he has been searching for the perfect optic for the Israeli bullpup. It just so happens that I have a Meprolight MOR on T&E from The Mako Group, the official importer of all the Meprolight optics for the North American market and the optic of choice by IDF Special Forces.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) were one of the first militaries to understand the importance of an optic equipped rifle for every infantryman. The standard reflex sight of the IDF is the Meprolight M21, but a select few in each unit are issued a specialized reflex sight with a built-in laser designator. The first in this new class of sights was the MARS (Multi-purpose Aiming Reflex Sight). The MARS integrated an AA battery-powered red reflex sight, dual laser designators and a tethered pressure switch for activation in a single unit.”








The Army Caves: Forces Troops To Scrape Bible Verse Off Of Guns



” The U.S. Military does not build its own weapons. Instead, it purchases them from third party contractors who have proven that they provide the best weapon at the best price. One of these contractors is Trijicon, which manufactures rifle scopes. On these scopes, Trijicon includes what looks like a cryptic code, although it makes perfect sense to practicing Christians: JN8:12 and 2COR4:6. In other words, John 8:12 and Second Corinthians 4:6. Both passages refer to Jesus as a light in the darkness; neither advocates a crusading religious fervor.

Despite the fact that the notations matter only to those who care, have no meaning to those who don’t, and are too cryptic to count as proselytizing, Muslims have been complaining about that those thirteen characters for years. They challenged the same markings when they were discovered in 2010 on Army and Marine equipment.” 








What Does It Take To Shoot With An Occluded Sight Picture?





” Ever go to line up a target with your red dot or reflex optic only to find a blur of water, smudges or the dust cover? In tactical circles, this is what is called an occluded sight picture and if you don’t know how to handle it, it can mean curtains so check out some surprising details about what it takes to shoot anAR-15 or other rifle accurately with something else in your sight picture.

What Causes an occluded sight picture?

An occluded sight picture is an obstructed sight picture. To occlude means to stop or block a passageway. As it’s related to shooting, consider the pathway, tunnel or tube of a red dot or reflex optic or a rifle scope being blocked in the front (the muzzle end). The shooter can see the red dot, for instance, but the target is blacked out –at least from the dominant eye.


Shooting with an Occlusion

Thankfully shooting with an occlusion in your sight picture can be done with consistent accuracy by using the non-dominant eye. With both eyes open, the full obstruction that can’t be seen alone with the dominant eye can be viewed, making for an only partially-obstructed sight picture.”