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Daily Video 4.12.15

“Sir, I Will Not Obey That Order.”




Published on Apr 2, 2015

” If you were raised to despise the US military as a source or repression and injustice, and then, say, happened to get elected as its Commander-in-Chief — what would you do? As Bill Whittle shows in his latest FIREWALL, you don’t need to destroy the weapons and you don’t even need to fire the warriors. There’s another way… “
















Daily Video 4.6.15

Andrew Klavan: 50 Shades Of Barack Obama



Published on Mar 27, 2015

” If Barack Obama doesn’t love America, then why is he beating the crap out of her? That’s the question our host and voracious reader, Andrew Klavan, explores in this review of the steamy new book 50 SHADES OF BARACK OBAMA.”












Daily Video 3.11.15

Ben Shapiro: First They Came For The Jews





Published on Feb 26, 2015

” President Obama does not stand up for Jews murdered by Islamic Terrorists. President Obama does not stand up for Christians murdered by Islamic Terrorists. Is there anyone President Obama will stand up for? Ben Shapiro explains why the answer is probably ‘no.’ “