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Two Dogs Take A Joyride And Crash Truck Into River



Doggy Joyride



” No one was injured when a runaway pickup with two dogs at the wheel barreled down a hill, across a busy street and crashed on a river bed in Tulsa.

  Traffic in the area was backed up and their owner’s truck is badly damaged, but the dogs were OK.”



Rosco & Luna

” The dogs, Roscoe and Luna, were inside their owner’s truck at the top of the hill on south of downtown Tulsa. In a matter of minutes, they were barreling across Riverside Drive and into the Arkansas River river bed.”


The canine collision explained …







12-Year-Old Who Shot Intruder Honored With ‘911 Hero of the Year’ Award




” A 12-year-old girl who shot an intruder that broke into her house last year was honored in Tulsa Tuesday night with the Oklahoma 911 Hero of the Year Award.

According to local media, the girl credits the 911 dispatcher for helping her to remain calm during the ordeal.

Kendra St. Clair was home alone on fall break last October when she heard a knock at the front door. When she failed to open the door, the man then went around to the back door and kicked it in.”











Homeowner Tackles, Hogties Burglar, Then Leaves for Work Before Police Arrive to Avoid Being Late



“Around 6am, a Tulsa homeowner and his wife heard a window break in their home. The homeowner went to investigate and heard someone in their garage.

When the suspect exited the garage, the homeowner tackled the suspect, wrestled him to the ground and hogtied him.”



Video at the link







We’re Doomed … Part 2

Victoria Secrets Black Friday Opening Mayhem!

 Concealed Carrier Walks into Robbery Trap, Shoots His Way Out

 ” Police investigated and puzzled out the source of this mysterious double shooting. According to their report, it all started when a woman invited a man back to her room at the Economy Inn, implying that it was his lucky night.

But everything wasn’t as it seemed. The woman, 18-year-old Brittany Sue Carter, was actually part of a scheme intended to rob the unsuspecting man, 28-year-old Jose Cruz. Carter had multiple armed men waiting for the pair in the motel room. As soon as the pair walked in at least one of the suspects drew a gun and demanded money from the unsuspecting mark.

Oh, but wait! Carter wasn’t the only person that night who was hiding something. Cruz was a licensed concealed carrier, and he drew his firearm and opened fire. Police revealed that two of the men had been shot in their “lower extremities.” “