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Museum Attack In Tunisian Capital Kills 19; 2 Gunmen Slain







” Foreign tourists scrambled in panic Wednesday after militants stormed a museum in Tunisia’s capital and killed 19 people, “shooting at anything that moved,” a witness said.

  Two gunmen were slain by security forces following the deadliest attack on civilians in the North African country in 13 years, and the president said the young democracy was embroiled in a war with terror.

  The militants, who wore military-style uniforms and wielded assault rifles, burst from a vehicle and began gunning down tourists climbing out of buses at the National Bardo Museum. The attackers then charged inside to take hostages before being killed in a firefight with security forces.

  Authorities launched a manhunt for two or three accomplices in the attack. Prime Minister Habib Essid said the two Tunisian gunmen killed 17 tourists — five from Japan, four from Italy, two from Colombia, two from Spain, and one each from Australia, Poland and France. The nationality of one dead foreigner was not released. Essid said two Tunisian nationals also were killed by the militants.

  At least 44 people were wounded, including tourists from Italy, France, Japan, South Africa, Poland, Belgium and Russia, according to Essid and doctors from Tunis’ Charles Nicolle.”



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Gunmen Storm Tunisian Museum In Deadly Attack







” Gunmen, wearing military uniforms and carrying assault rifles, have attacked a popular tourist attraction in the Tunisian capital of Tunis. According to state television, Tunisian authorities say at least eight people were killed and six wounded at the National Bardo Museum, which is adjacent to the country’s parliament building.

  Gunmen are believed to be holding hostages inside the museum.

  NPR’s Leila Fadel, who is in Tunis, says the gunmen opened fire on the museum before entering the building. She says police are now inside the museum and have surrounded two of the attackers.”















… And Most DON’T Want The Face Covered


Survey: Chart shows how people from seven different countries with a majority-Muslim population believe women should dress



” The way Muslim women should dress in public has been a strongly debated topic in recent months.

  But a new study has now revealed what the citizens of different Muslim countries believe is appropriate female dress – and how widely views differ between them. 

  The survey was conducted across seven countries – Tunisia, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey – which all have a majority Muslim population.

  And the research from the University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research found that most residents in these countries prefer women to cover their hair with a traditional hijab, al-Amira or head scarf rather than cover their entire face with a full burqa or niqab. “










U.S. Surveillance Scandal Overshadows Top Internet Freedom Talks



” A high-level Internet freedom conference, that concluded in the Tunisian capital on Tuesday, was overshadowed by the recent U.S. internet surveillance scandal.

The U.S. government, a founding member of the Internet Freedom Coalition, and U.S.-based tech giant Google came under attack by dozens of human rights activists, internet researchers and computer engineers who attended the two-day conference.

The attacks came in response to this month’s revelation that the American National Security Agency (NSA) has been running a large-scale international surveillance program gathering data on internet users around the world by accessing the serves of tech-giants such as Google and Apple. Some of the most targeted countries are located in the Middle East and include Iran, Egypt and Jordan.

The NSA access, according to The Guardian newspaper, is part of a previously undisclosed program called Prism. The program allows U.S. officials to collect information on internet users, including search history, the content of emails, file transfers and live chats, according to an official document obtained by the newspaper.

In light of the extensive program of surveillance, many called into question the credibility of the U.S. government and Google’s longtime advocacy for an Internet environment free of censorship and surveillance.”