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Some Current Examples To Inspire You …


Drone Songs



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How Much Is That Drone In The Window?

Still Got The Drones For You

Drone Ladies

My Drone Wants To Kill Your Mama

Every Drone Is Sacred


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They work.


When a gun gets fired it doesn’t expect 3 years unemployment.

Twits Wars rage on as the right conducts yet another #hashtag hijacking at …



Some fine examples of conservative good will …


He never ate a cat.




He gave us a gift that keeps on
giving: Joe Biden



I can now trade my foodstamps
for crack over my Obamaphone.

Read them all and add your contribution . Who says the right is mean ?

“Oh, our aching sides! As Twitchy reported, President Obama’s DNC speech has been moved to a smaller venue, due to “weather.” Like with his dwindling crowd sizes at rallies, they totally meant to do that, you see.”

Were Dems paranoid that
Thursday would be #
EmptyChairDay at Stadium?
Were they worried about a new
hashtag # EmptyStadiumDay ?”

# EmptyStadiumDay The moment
when rise of Obama began to slow
and the planet began to heal “

From Twitchy we get “#InJoeBidensMind: Guessing the VP’s thoughts equals instant classic”

Have some fun with :

Here are a couple examples ,

# InJoeBidensMind there will be ahurricane blowing through Tampa to destroy the GOP convention,and that hurricane is me

# InJoeBidensMind America will
dominate the 20th century, thanks to Obama’s investments in the auto industry.

# InJoeBidensMind SQUIRREL!

Twitchy affords us some more laughs from those humorless conservative/libertarian types .

“Hashtag fail:

ends up exposing President Obama’s failures ”

attended more than 100
fundraisers while not meeting
even once with his jobs council.

Stole a major automotive company and gave it to his union cronies. #ThingsMittRomneyHasNever Done

Told you what dog tasted like. #

New Twarody for those inclined to play ….. #RomneyPreferredBy

Here are some sample offerings .

garyalan82 #RomneyPreferredBy those that value a job over a welfare check

emm_dog RT @keder: #RomneyPreferredBy people who don’t think it’s the government’s job to give them free shit.

izzyjsmom #RomneyPreferredBy People having fundraisers in America #ObamaPreferredBY people having fundraisers overseas

The newest in Twarody is going strong …. #ObamaKidsBooks

Read all about it at Twitchy

Here are a few inspirational entries ….

The Little Engine That Couldn’t
Without Federal Assistance. #

# ObamaKidsBooks Solynderella

# ObamaKidsBooks Oh the places
Michell Obama Will Go!

  Sorry folks we are a day or two late on this one but there are still some laughs to be had if like us you were busy over the weekend .

Courtesy of Twitchy we can now expound on the literary attributes of the Obama legacy .

” Conservatives took to Twitter tonight, continuing to poke fun at President Barack Obama after he revealed the biggest mistake of his first term was botching the story of his presidency.

  That’s okay, Mr. President; we took care of it for you. After a quick early day blast of #ObamaStories , followed by #ObamaFirstTermStories,
Twitter users hadn’t run out of gas, playfully coining #ObamaBooks. ”

Check out some of the wisdom at #ObamaBooks

# ObamaBooks The Gunrunner
Always Brings Twice

# ObamaBooks Kenya Recover
From a Bush Economy?

# ObamaBooks Something Statist
This Way Comes

Good , clean conservative humor … Enjoy

Twitchy reports  on “homeboys” Lincoln and Obama .

“If anything was ripe for mockery, President Obama’s absurd remark today certainly was. As Twitchy reported earlier, President “Barry from the Block” Obama said this
about a supporter dressed as President Lincoln: “Abraha.m Lincoln is in the house. My homeboy from Illinois. ” No, for reals. This is not The Onion.

The mocking was swift! ”

Experience the mocking yourself


NAACP racists who require photo
ID to get into their convention #

Dead voters. # ObamasHomeboys

Communist Party USA, which has
endorsed him #

Non-repentant domestic terrorist
Bill Ayres # ObamasHomeboys

#obamashomeboys The Choom

It’s Twitchy Time so that means the latest in Twarody . Todays version is …


Here are a few samples ..

# OverheardAtObamaFundraiser
Welcome to Zurich, Mr Clooney.

“$10k a plate and I can’t even use
a fork?!”

As a rich white actor making $20
million for 2 months work, I’m
uniquely qualified to know what
minorities need. #

From Twitchy

The latest in Twarody comes in the form of  #DemocratSongs .

Below are some samples to fire your imagination .

The Night the Lights Went Out in
Georgia (when they shut down the
coal-fired power plant)

# DemocratSongs Every Breath
You Take…I will Tax.

# DemocratSongs Don’t Stop
Believin’ (That This Time Socialism
Will Totally Work Out) # caring

I Will Survive [on Foodstamps]

# DemocratSongs These Guns Are
Made For Walking

# DemocratSongs While My 401K
Gently Weeps

# DemocratSongs – You Taxed Me
All Night

Have some laughs with the latest Twarody

# DemocratBooks Madame Ovary
– The Sandra Fluke Story

# DemocratBooks Oh the Places
You’ll Go Bankrupt

# democratbooks The Taxman

Check it out at Twitchy

Twitchy reports:


Hey, the Occupy National
Gathering has a hashtag: #
NatGat. Be a shame if something
happened to it. 😉 -jt

Some examples to start your week .

If you think you can create a
public hashtag that won’t receive
any negative tweets, you’ve #
natgat much in the way of brains.”

“Have we figured out a preferred
manufacturer for rape tents yet?
We need to negotiate discounts! #
NatGat ”

” # NatGat where is the crapping
on cop car seminar? @ ”

Brighten your morning with a laugh at the Occutards expense .

Here’s the latest from Twitchy

  ” They really do make it easy,don’t they? It started last night , but is now going gangbusters (or blockbusters). #
Democratmovies is trending this morning as Twitter users combine politics with films, resulting in giggle-snorts galore. ”

# democratMovies “Honey I
Shrunk the Economy”

The Manchurian Candidate. #
DemocratMovies Wait, this is a
joke? Oh. No, I’m serious.

# DemocratMovies The Lyin’ King

Twarody time boys and girls . Join in or lurk and laugh , your choice . Either way enjoy the fun @

dminor85 Dead! RT @StacyOnTheRight: Gasp! RT @FigDrewton: #BetterThanAttendingDNConvention Sports Illustrated: Barney Frank Swimsuit Edition

NYCGuy2012 Being one of the 5 viewers who still watch CNN #BetterThanAttendingDNConvention

Earthfire9 RT @emaleroland: #BetterThanAttendingDNConvention Squeezing Nancy Pelosi’s butt cheeks and asking who’s your daddy?

Polliwogette RT @dminor85: Listening to Brett Favre and Anthony Weiner discuss photography #BetterThanAttendingDNConvention

Since he doesn’t provide a lot of laughs for conservatives , today Bill (sexist pig) Maher can help provide some laughs from conservatives ….@ # BillMaherInFourWords

You know you won’t be able to resist a shot it one of the MSM’s biggest a…oles . Go to Twitchy for the complete story .

# BillMaherInFourWords
Obsessed with hot conservatives

Lost Travelocity gnome audition #

# BillMaherInFourWords
Obama’s million dollar c*nt. @

Twarody Alert

Todays game is found at 

Join In 

“Does it make you angry that the selfish SEALs try to steal your glory over your killing of Osama, Your Majesty?” 


 Is it freedom or slavery to keep women dependent on the government from cradle to grave?  


“ever hear of the constitution?” 

Saturday Morning Twarody

From Twitchy comes word of the latest in conservative non-funny business 


Read on and join in 



…. to play with today ? Yes boys and girls you may . 

   Here is today’s bundle of joy from the unfunny conservative chorus …. #ObamasNextExecutiveOrder

Go see what your neighbors are saying and have a guffaw for the ride home ..

DrMartyFox #ObamasNextExecutiveOrder

ford_russell RT @ThePeoplesCube: #ObamasNextExecutiveOrder Michelle will now be referred to as “Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Illinois”

theaugur #obamasnextexecutiveorder “in an effort to prevent partisan politics, elections will be decided by executive order”

Enjoy ….

From Twitchy

Can you describe ,

#ObamaSpeechIn4Words ?

Give it a try …. Here are some helpful examples .

bob_owens Hand me a wedge. #ObamaSpeechIn4Words

jen_longview #ObamaSpeechIn4Words.. It worked in Russia..

BootlegHollow #ObamaSpeechin4words Uhh, ah, uhh, umm.

    Try it on for size …

Twarody For a Rainy Day

Here’s the newest Twarody :



   “Fresh on the heels of President Whiny Pants throwing a tantrum about conservative domination on Twitter, conservatives once again, well, dominate. The president complained that Romney’s campaign could be summed up in a tweet with characters to spare. Well, champ, liberalism can be summed up in only four words.

And the results are hilarious. Thanks for making it so easy, Liberals! “

Here are a couple gems to fire your imaginations : 

Taxes Mean Free Stuff. 

Divide, Whine, Pander, Limo. 

 Where is my check?

Lots more where they came from over at Twitchy 

  From Twitchy

“WBAY reporter Matt Smith: I’d like
to ask you about Wisconsin’s recall
election. There are a lot of Democrats that are upset you didn’t campaign for Tom Barrett.

  President Obama: The truth of the
matter is that as President of the
United States, I’ve got a lot of
responsibilities. ”

ROFLMFAO…. “Responsibilities” ? … Je..s H Ch..t … What responsibilities would they be ? Beverly Hills ? Manhattan ?

  That would be anywhere there was money to be grubbed …. Not Madison that’s for sure ….

And this leads us to the newest Twarody or #hashtag game #ObamasTooBusy

collegepolitico RT @dschachenmeyer: He was going to verify that private sector is #DoingFine but #ObamasTooBusy

andycc2000 #ObamasTooBusy working on his golf game

More Twarody . As a companion to our earlier post on #LiberalPickupLines we have the pleasure of presenting the other side of the aisle and what works for them .


Hey baby, the way you support
free markets stimulates growth in
my private sector. #ConservativePickupLines

# ConservativePickUpLines Hey
girl, my private sector is #

Even if you were illegal, I’d let you
cross my border #

Go ahead and offer your own contribution .