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“Oh, our aching sides! As Twitchy reported, President Obama’s DNC speech has been moved to a smaller venue, due to “weather.” Like with his dwindling crowd sizes at rallies, they totally meant to do that, you see.”

Were Dems paranoid that
Thursday would be #
EmptyChairDay at Stadium?
Were they worried about a new
hashtag # EmptyStadiumDay ?”

# EmptyStadiumDay The moment
when rise of Obama began to slow
and the planet began to heal “


Twitchy affords us some more laughs from those humorless conservative/libertarian types .

“Hashtag fail:

ends up exposing President Obama’s failures ”

attended more than 100
fundraisers while not meeting
even once with his jobs council.

Stole a major automotive company and gave it to his union cronies. #ThingsMittRomneyHasNever Done

Told you what dog tasted like. #

From Twitchy

The latest in Twarody comes in the form of  #DemocratSongs .

Below are some samples to fire your imagination .

The Night the Lights Went Out in
Georgia (when they shut down the
coal-fired power plant)

# DemocratSongs Every Breath
You Take…I will Tax.

# DemocratSongs Don’t Stop
Believin’ (That This Time Socialism
Will Totally Work Out) # caring

I Will Survive [on Foodstamps]

# DemocratSongs These Guns Are
Made For Walking

# DemocratSongs While My 401K
Gently Weeps

# DemocratSongs – You Taxed Me
All Night