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Senate Unanimously Welcomes Netanyahu To America





” The Senate on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution welcoming Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to America and endorsing his speech before a joint session of Congress.

  Critics of the Obama administration view the unanimous approval as a rebuke to the White House and Democrats, who have vowed to boycott Netanyahu’s address and work to counter his warnings about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

  No Senate Democrats sponsored the measure, which attracted 50 Republican cosponsors. However, none attempted to block its passage, signaling that support for Israel and Netanyahu’s message has outweighed a pressure campaign by the Obama administration to sabotage the address.

“ The Senate warmly welcomes the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, on his visit to the United States, which provides a timely opportunity to reinforce the United State-Israel relationship,” the resolution states.

  Congress “eagerly awaits the address of Prime Minister Netanyahu before a joint meeting of the United States Congress,” it continues.”


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New Jersey Unanimously Passes Bill To Keep Gun Owners Information Private



” The New Jersey General Assembly unanimously passed bill A3788 on Monday, which prohibits the release of firearm owners’ personal information from being obtained by the public. Currently that information is made private by regulation but can be obtained through New Jersey’s Open Public Records Law. The newly passed bill ensures that the information stays private.

Under the new law, only law enforcement officials and the courts will have access to the personal information of gun owners in the state.

The bill was just one of several gun-related pieces of legislation recently passed in the state. Some of the bills include A3668 which prohibits the state pension fund from investing in companies that manufacture or sell assault firearms for civilian use, A3687 which prohibits those on the federal terrorist watch list from buying guns, A3796 which allows those who possess illegal guns 180 days to dispose of them, and A3659 which bans .50-caliber rifles.”








House Unanimously Adopts Kelly Amendment To Ban Funding For UN Arms Trade Treaty




”  Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) introduced an amendment last night to H.R. 1960, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 (NDAA), to prohibit federal funding for the implementation of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) for one year. The amendment was adopted unanimously by the House of Representatives by a voice vote and included in the final passage of the NDAA, which Rep. Kelly voted to support.”