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FBI Visiting Gun Shops To Investigate “People Talking About Big Government”







” In keeping with the tradition of the FBI’s position on gun rights, it appears the Bureau is working overdrive to monitor and harass gun owners and the gun shops that sell to them.

  While government surveillance of gun purchases and gun owners is nothing new, a recent visit by an FBI Counterterrorism agent to a Columbia, South Carolina gun shop has only reinforced the knowledge that the U.S. government is growing more and more concerned by the prospect of a well-armed populace – particularly one that prefers to live without constant government interference in their personal lives.

  While the narrative surrounding “counterterrorism” operations used to eviscerate civil liberties after 9/11 was initially based upon the threat of Muslim fundamentalists, that narrative has clearly shifted to a focus on gun owning, law-abiding American citizens – both those who are politically active and those who are blissfully ignorant of current events.

  For many, this shift of focus has been quite the surprise. Thus, when the Columbia, South Carolina gun shop in question was approached by an FBI counterterrorism agent on Monday, April 14, the individuals who spoke with him were somewhat alarmed to realize that the agent’s concern was not fundamentalist Muslims but Americans who promote small government.

  According to an individual who was present during the visit (this person will remain anonymous for obvious reasons), the agent pulled up in a regular vehicle in plain clothes and took a look around the shop as if he were considering a purchase before approaching the staff and announcing that he was with the FBI Counterterrorism unit.

“ Never in a million years would I have thought this guy was a fed,” said the witness. “He was in a completely normal vehicle. Regular clothes. Everything. I would have thought this guy was just some downhome country boy.” “

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US Mom Goes Undercover To Rescue Kidnapped Son In Egypt




” A Pennsylvania woman whose 11-year-old son was allegedly kidnapped by his Egyptian father and forced into Islam traveled to the North African nation, stalking him for months while wearing a traditional Muslim veil before successfully rescuing the boy.

The Huffington Post reports that 45-year-old Kalliopi “Kalli” Atteya of Fayetteville and her son Khalil Mohamed “Niko” Atteya, then 11, traveled to Egypt on a family vacation in August 2011. While there, they visited Mohamed Atteya,Kalli’s ex-husband and the boy’s biological– but non-custodial– father. As Kalli, her sister, Niko and Mohamed were getting into a Cairo taxi to go visit another relative, the boy’s father allegedly pushed the mother away from the vehicle and ordered the driver to take off. Kalli and her sister were left standing on the side of the road.”

300 Guns Seized: Gun Seizure Dominates Local, National TV News Shows




” In a news story that was broadcast on all the TV channels in New Jersey on Friday, 300 guns were seized from a Long Island home this week. The seizure happened in walking distance from a local area high school, too.

Many of the guns that were recovered by police were illegal firearms.

The owner, a 66-year-old man named Jay Steiner, was actually arrested in January thanks to the work of an undercover police officer that visited Steiner’s home. Despite the arrest happening two months ago, the story is just now getting coverage on television and in the local and national newspapers.

According to MSN.com, Steiner is now being charged with criminal possession of a weapon. Despite having 300 guns seized from his home, Steiner is free on bail.

The gun tally for Steiner, who allegedly had guns all over his house, breaks down as the following: 85 illegal handguns and 230 rifles and shotguns.”





The depths that these clowns will go to for votes knows no bounds .

BOMBSHELL: Al-Qaeda Infiltrator was Working for Brits not CIA, Cover Blown for Election Year Politics ”

  EVERYTHING is political . Earlier today we posted about “them” , and I deliberately use the term “them” because it should be obvious to all by now that they certainly aren’t US , soiling Mother’s Day , but that is trivial compared to this .

“But as the week progressed, a developing bombshell story got buried under President Obama’s gay marriage announcement. Not only is the supposed CIA asset not a CIA asset at all, but the entire operation was exposed prematurely and the double-agent’s life was immediately threatened by an intelligence leak
that very well may have come out of the White House for political gain. ”

  The sixties “me” generation  ” do whatever works for you ” mantra of the left has found it’s personification in the “One ” . No matter what the cost he must be allowed to proceed .

“The leaks about the operation from the American side have infuriated British intelligence officials , who had hoped to
continue the operation. The leaks not only scuttled the mission but put the life of the asset in jeopardy . Even CIA officials, joining their MI5 and MI6 counterparts, were describing the leaks as “despicable,”
attributing them to the Obama administration. ”

We have Brian Terry and hundreds of others dead at his administration’s hands . We have who knows how many intelligence leads and efforts compromised in hasty , politically motivated announcement of bin Laden’s death and now we have the administration putting allie’s intelligence assets at risk for votes .
And let’s not forget the completely unwanted publicity he gave SEAL Team 6 , who paid a horrendous price just months later .

Depicable , absolutely despicable .

Be sure and read the comments , here’s a sample :

5. Wigglesworth

“Another team scored a touchdown and Obama is trying to spike their football. Classy! “

This man has to go . Obama represents the height of the ” I , me , mine ” generation . What’s good for him is good , period . The rest of the world be damned . Just more of that  ” smart diplomacy ” we were promised .

“The Obama administration was seemingly so thirsty for credit when a recent al Qaeda plot in Yemen was thwarted that it quickly coughed up operational secrets to the media —compromising several investigations in the process. ”

Self-serving bastards ,

” The operation was blown, the agent had to be withdrawn —and the CIA’s window into al Qaeda in Yemen was slammed shut.

“This was gold dust,” a senior intelligence official said. “Such assets are few and far between.”