Mysterious Boom In Luzerne County






” Call it the case of the mysterious boom.  Folks in the back mountain heard a loud rumble, some even saying it shook their home.

  It takes a lot to wake up 12-year-old Kendra Steltz of Lake Township. “I was sleeping and all I heard was a big bang,” she said.

  A big bang heard by more than just her. Many of you let Newswatch 16 know you heard the loud boom as well.

  Police and emergency officials say several fire departments were dispatched to try to locate what the caused the boom in the back mountain but they had no luck locating it. They couldn’t find any damage either.”


   This heard , but not seen , “explosion” in Pennsylvania comes on the heels of two very similar occurrences in Idaho within the past week or two , the investigation of which also resulted a “nothing to see here” response from the authorities .