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” As expected, it’s chaos in the hospitals, as the disastrous system Barack Obama inflicted on America leaves medical staff uncertain whether patients have valid insurance.  This is yet another reason why it was important for the chief executive to stay on top of his signature initiative, and order the plug pulled when it became clear the system was not ready for launch on October 1.  But instead, as we all know, the Empty Chair just assumed everything was going great, and later claimed he was the most angry and frustrated person in America when he read the newspapers and discovered Healthcare.gov was a useless mass of bugs and unfinished code.”


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That’s the Tea Party , a sleeping giant . Bye Bye Obama .


   ” While Americans are already hurting, college graduates cannot find jobs, inflation is taking food off dining room tables around the country, and the unemployment rate remains high, many of us must now sacrifice 8% more of our income for something we’ve managed without for years.  Almost the entirety of the Tea Party’s platform was to drive a stake through the heart of this tentacled monstrosity before it awakes, but now it has come alive. “