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Civil War Pop Music: Divided & United



” A 32-song double CD collection of rootsy and acoustic, stripped-down and emotion-packed renderings of tunes of the day, the album features a stellar lineup of old-guard Nashville stalwarts like Ms. Parton and Loretta Lynn (“Take Your Gun and Go, John”) and clangorous newcomers.

The album mixes new takes on old tunes like “Dixie” (by Karen Elson and the Secret Sisters) and “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (Angel Snow) with a raucous partisan Yankee stomp like Shovels & Rope’s “The Fall of Charleston” and the rebel reel “Secesh” (The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band)—songs that have been in mothballs since Appomattox.

Some tunes sound like after-action reports telegraphed from the front. Among them are T Bone Burnett’s dirge, “The Battle of Antietam,” and Ricky Skaggs ‘ “Two Soldiers,” about Union soldiers caught in the deadly fire from the heights at Fredericksburg in 1862.”



Here is the full track list :

Divided & United

Disc 1

  1. Take Your Gun and Go, John – Loretta Lynn
  2. Lorena – Del McCoury
  3. Wildwood Flower – Sam Amidon
  4. Hell’s Broke Loose In Georgia – Bryan Sutton
  5. Two Soldiers – Ricky Skaggs
  6. Marching Through Georgia – Old Crow Medicine Show
  7. Dear Old Flag – Vince Gill
  8. Just Before the Battle, Mother/ Farewell, Mother – Steve Earle and Dirk Powell
  9. The Fall Of Charleston – Shovels & Rope
  10. Tenting on the Old Campground – John Doe
  11. Day Of Liberty – Carolina Chocolate Drops
  12. Richmond Is a Hard Road to Travel – Chris Thile and Michael Daves
  13. Two Brothers – Chris Stapleton
  14. The Faded Coat Of Blue – Norman Blake, Nancy Blake and James Bryan
  15. Listen to the Mockingbird – Stuart Duncan featuring Dolly Parton
  16. Kingdom Come – Pokey LaFarge

Disc 2

  1. Rebel Soldier – Jamey Johnson
  2. The Legend of the Rebel Soldier – Lee Ann Womack
  3. The Mermaid Song – Jorma Kaukonen
  4. Dixie – Karen Elson with The Secret Sisters
  5. The Vacant Chair – Ralph Stanley
  6. Hard Times – Chris Hillman
  7. Down By the Riverside – Taj Mahal
  8. Old Folks at Home/ The Girl I Left Behind Me – Noam Pikelny and David Grisman
  9. Secesh – The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band
  10. The Battle of Antietam – T Bone Burnett
  11. Pretty Saro – Ashley Monroe featuring Aubrey Haynie
  12. Aura Lee – Joe Henry
  13. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier – AA Bondy
  14. When Johnny Comes Marching Home – Angel Snow
  15. Battle Cry of Freedom – Bryan Sutton
  16. Beautiful Dreamer – Cowboy Jack Clement





    If you are a history buff like those of us here at YouViewed you will want to check out this album which is due to be released on November 5th . You can pre-order yours today direct from ATO Records if you are so inclined . CD Universe is also taking pre-orders as well as offering samples that can be listened to now .

  While we are thrilled to see this important music being brought to the public’s attention once again , we grew up listening to these songs from a different source and that version is so ingrained in our imagination and ears that we will forever judge all Civil War musical endeavors by the standard set by the one and only Tennessee Ernie Ford .

 He recorded two albums of Civil War era songs , Songs of the South and Songs of the North and to put you in the mood and give you a taste of those tumultuous times we have decided to include some of our favorites below . We hope you enjoy them as much as we do . Give a listen.





  Most of the songs that Tennessee Ernie recorded do not appear on the new album so there isn’t much fear on our part that these samples will dampen your interest in the new album .  



   These first few songs are from the Southern song collection , which we have always had a particular affinity for . The Northern collection of songs has never be able to move us as do the songs of the Confederacy .

   Those are three of our favorites from the Confederate collection . Here is one from the Union collection which is actually a Northern rebuttal of the hugely popular Confederate song “Dixie” , called , understandably “Union Dixie” .





   “Lorena” is a song that typifies the internecine conflict that characterized the War Of Secession . The song was of Northern origin but it became a common lament of troops on both sides that were years from home , hearth and loved ones .



   Here is another example of the Union music of the day , “The Army Of The Free” .



   And finally we present one that is a favorite of my children and gets played on the iTouch in the car on a regular basis. Readers of a certain age will recognize the tune even if they are unaware of the song’s Civil War roots . Enjoy.



Songs of the Civil War




    Allmusic.com provides us with a complete discography of the re-released double album that featured the collection in it’s entirety , Union and Confederate Songs . Included in the discography are links back to samples of each song on the Allmusic website .


Track Listing


Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 3:09
2 4:16
3 2:49
4 3:15
5 3:17
6 2:05
7 2:30
8 3:29
9 3:44
10 3:05
11 2:17
12 2:21
13 2:09 MOG
14 4:34
15 3:00
16 2:14
17 4:16
18 2:22
19 2:06
20 4:32
21 2:22
22 2:48
23 2:02
24 2:22



   These albums are also available as a double set at Amazon. Thanks for allowing us to indulge ourselves . We have always wanted to do a post on these songs from our youth and never quite knew how to bring it about . The impending release of Divided & United offered us the perfect opportunity to do something we have been longing to accomplish for a long time and in so doing we hope that we have brought something new into our reader’s minds . 










The Constitution: Birthed In Self-Determination




” The proper question in any political system is who are the sovereigns?

Is the President the Sovereign?  Is Congress the Sovereign?  Is a King the sovereign?  Are the people the Sovereigns?  Why so much confusion over the question of whether the Union is a democracy or a republic?

The answers to those questions seem to puzzle many commentators.  Though the Union is a constitutional republic, for arguments sake, let us assume the Union was a democracy.  It doesn’t alter the fundamental truth regarding sovereignty.  The people are the sovereigns and the people are the source of all power in our political system.  However, the system is not majority rule, nor it is a system of absolute power where might makes right.  Our entire political system rests on a single fundamental principle — the consent of the governed; the right to self-governance and self-determination.”




Read More








Guns of the (Union) Grunt: 1863



Spencer Repeater Carbine



” Some 150 years ago, the US Army was in the midst of the most brutal war it would ever be a part of, the Civil War. In five years of open combat more than 620,000 Union soldiers died from a population of just over 34-million Americans, nearly 2% of the total population. If these figures were adjusted against today’s population, this would be nearly 6-million killed. These are the weapons they carried into combat against other Americans, those under a Confederate flag.

The Springfield 1861 Rifle

Some 2,213,363 men served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and by 1863, most Yankees carried a Springfield Rifle. While many other longarms were carried by the army and militia including the Pattern 1853 Enfield, the Austrian Lorenz rifle, and the legacy Springfield flintlocks of previous wars, it was the 1861 series Springfield Rifle that armed the majority of bluecoats. It was also the first mass-produced US-made rifle manufactured in large quantities. In fact, more than a million were built not only by Springfield but also by nearly two dozen subcontractors to supply the largest army seen in North America up to that time.”



… More than Obama Super PAC


” The Service Employees International Union has spent nearly $70 million in campaign dollars this election cycle, making the union the top outside spender for Democrats, reports the Wall Street Journal : SEIU, like other large entities that spend money on elections, doesn’t have to disclose all of its expenditures to the Federal Election Commission. But according to disclosures it has made so far this year, the union has funded almost $70 million in campaign donations, television ads and get-out-the-vote efforts for Mr. Obama and other Democrats. […] “

  AFL-CIO offers list of union-approved Halloween candy

  ” Halloween is less than a week away and, just in time for Americans stocking up on candy, the AFL-CIO has identified the most union-friendly candy available.

Yes, there is such a thing as union-approved candy.

“If you want your Halloween to be all treats and no tricks, make sure all your candy is union-made, made in America,” Jackie Tortora writes at the AFL-CIO’s blog, linking to Local 144’s “Buy Union Directory.”

Tortora provides a list of union-approved candy highlights from the directory including Baby Ruths, Butterfingers, Caramellos, Hershey’s Candy Corn Kisses, Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate bars, Hershey’s Hugs, Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Nuggets, Jelly Belly candies, Kit Kats, Laffy Taffy, Mike and Ikes, Rolos, Super Ropes, Tootsie Rolls and Trolli candies. ”


And from the comments we get further elucidation on the acceptable list of crony confections .

” Brian K. Foughty, 2nd District V.P. for the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma, provided this list of union-made candy for handing out on Halloween. Stick to this list of sugary confections and you can feel good about supporting America and unions across the country this Halloween.

Abba-Zaba Bar Jawbreakers

Almond Roca Jelly Bellies

Baby Ruth Jolly Rancher Candies

Black & Red Vines Kit Kat Bars

Bob’s Candies Laffy Taffy

Boston Baked Beans Malted Milk Balls

Butterfinger Marshmallow Peeps

Candy Lipstick Mike and Ike

Caramello Bar Russell Stover Candy

Clark Bar See’s Candies

Fifth Avenue Chocolate Bar Smarties

Fudge-O’s Sunkist Citrus Fruit

Ghiradelli Chocolates Sunworld Citrus Fruit

Godiva Chocolates Tootsie Rolls

Hershey Kisses York Peppermint Patties

Hershey Milk Chocolate Zagnut

Hot Tamales

You want to find more union-made Halloween treats then go to the Union Plus web site. ”

Posted by John Galt

Our Tax Dollars Screwing US

“Senior FAA officials accused of telling workers ‘job security’ at risk if GOP wins”

  It’s gotten so we can’t have any faith in government institutions at all . Never in our lifetimes have the federal agencies been so politicized . We need change . The entrenched government worker mentality will be the ruin of this country .


  “Two federal agency supervisors allegedly warned employees earlier this year that a Republican takeover in Washington could threaten their jobs — comments that some workers apparently took as guidance on “how to vote” and that one group claims may have violated federal law. 

Nonprofit watchdog Cause of Action wrote a letter Wednesday asking the Department of Transportation’s inspector general to launch a probe into the incident, involving senior officials with the Federal Aviation Administration. The incident occurred in May during a meeting at the FAA’s Seattle office, according to the letter. 

Emails obtained by FoxNews.com show one FAA employee recalling what John Hickey, deputy associate administrator for aviation safety, said at the meeting. “


Jazz Shaw

  “Ever since the president’s now legendary moment of confusion about the economy being
just fine , Team Obama has been scrambling for some way to move the game and get people talking about something else. This weekend they apparently thought they found it and decided to
launch a new ad campaign claiming that Romney wants to lay off police, firefighters and teachers.”

Let victory come tomorrow and in November . Save the Republic .

“If a new poll taken by Democrats is accurate, the recall race in Wisconsin is closer than the conventional wisdom indicates. Democratic pollster Celinda Lake contends that Republican Governor Scott Walker and his Democratic challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, are now tied at 49 percent. The election takes place on June 5th and many believe it is a bellwether indicator of national sentiment going into the general election in November.