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Mexico Actually Produces An Official Guidebook To Entering The U.S. Illegally (Photos)


Guide for the Mexican Migrant


” In 2004, columnist Rick Oltman broke the story that the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs had produced a 32-page “How To” guide for Mexican nationals crossing the border illegally into the United States. Despite the fact that this pamphlet has known to the public for 9 years, and has the official endorsement of the Mexican government, the mainstream press has completely ignored what amounts to an instruction manual for illegal aliens.

While Mexico publicly claims to be working with U.S. authorities in stemming the flow of illegal aliens into this country, this booklet tells another story and is further evidence of their complicity. After all, illegal immigration is big business for Mexico, as remittances (wire transfers) from the United States represents Mexico’s second most lucrative industry, behind oil exports.

What follows are a few excerpts taken directly from Mexico’s “Guide for the Mexican Migrant:”

Dear fellow citizen:

This guide tries to provide you with some practical advice that may be useful to you in case you have made the difficult decision to seek new work opportunities outside of your own country.”








Worldwide – U.S. Ranks 1st in Gun Ownership and 28th in Gun Homicide, Ron Paul says Resent and Resist




” As SLN reported, “However, according to the CATO Institute and FBI statistics, when guns were banned in the UK, armed robbery rates jumped 40%. In Australia, armed robbery rates increased 40%. The statistics also show that the majority of robberies in the UK happen when people are home, which is 50% of the time.”

Interestingly, Britain’s violent crimes rate is 2,034 per 100,000 people compared to the United States’ 466 violent crimes per 100,000 people.


A prominent figure in the Liberty movement and a man who helped Rep. Massie find his path to D.C., former Congressman Ron Paul spoke out against the idea of gun grabbing on Wednesday during the Alex Jones show. Paul said regarding Obama signing a gun-related executive order, “Well, it should go without saying, he’s has gone way too far. It should also go without saying, he’s acting with the use of illegal violence.”

The former Rep. detailed, “I’ve always assumed the line in the sand will be drawn, if the federal agent marches in, unannounced and they say, well give me your gun and give me your gold. I don’t think we’ll do that, calmly. I think the American people will highly resent it and resist.” ”




Iranian Hostage Crisis

November 4 , 1979-January 20, 1981

 33 Years ago under the  leadership of another clueless appeaser America started the long 444 day ordeal that even now ranks as one of the most humiliating national moments in history . We are destined to a similar fate unless we can pull our heads out of our collected ” a**es ” and rid ourselves once and for all of the man who believes that we can negotiate with the ruling theocracy that controls Iran . 

Tehran Embassy November 4, 1979

This picture is eerily reminiscent of one taken just 8 short weeks ago .

Benghazi Consulate September 11 , 2012

Does anyone in the photo look familiar ?

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Our current ‘Leader” would have us believe that if we only give a little more , talk a little more , listen a little more to the ravings of this man and his unconcealed plans to bring about a world-wide caliphate that we could achieve a reasonable settlement with these “Holocaust Deniers “

 Lest anyone fails to grasp exactly what appeasement , indecision and weakness gain us in the world we have this stark reminder from a time when the US was saddled with an equally ineffectual , narcissistic administration .

Can we really afford another four years of this kind of leadership ?