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Sandra Fluke Freebies



” On Friday a federal appeals court struck down ObamaCare’s HHS contraception mandate, deciding that the requirement is an infringement upon religious liberty.

According to The Hill, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled 2-1 in favor of two Catholic brothers, Francis and Philip Gilardi, who own a 400-person produce company based in Ohio. The Gilardis argued that they oppose contraception due to the tenets of their Catholic faith, and challenged ObamaCare’s provision that requires them to provide free contraception to their employees through a health insurance plan.

The brothers claimed that if they chose not to obey the law, they would incur a $14 million fine.

A requirement that companies cover their employees’ contraception, the court ruled, is unduly burdensome for business owners who oppose birth control on religious grounds, though they may not be purchasing contraception directly.”


Sandra Fluke was unavailable for comment .









Federal Appeals Court To Rule In Osama bin Laden Death Photos Case




” A Washington, D.C. federal appeals court has agreed to hear the case filed by Judicial Watch to release all 52 photographs of a dead Osama bin Laden and his burial at sea. However, judging from the in-court questioning by at least one of the judges, it is unlikely that the court will overturn the lower court’s decision to keep the pictures out of the public domain, safe and secure with the CIA.

Judicial Watch is a conservative watchdog group that argues that keeping the photos secret undermines the Obama administration’s transparency claims. In court filings last month, they argued that bin Laden’s dead body pictures “depict more than just a bloody mess.” The CIA has custody and control of the photos, some of which show what it deems innocuous images of bin Laden’s body being prepared for burial while others show the actual burial at sea itself.

Michael Bekesha is an attorney for Judicial Watch. He argues that there is “no apparent nexus” between secret or classified intelligence activities and photos which show bin Laden’s burial or preparation for burial. He has stated also that the Obama administration has not satisfactorily shown precisely how the images, even the non-graphic ones, would or could be reasonably expected to “cause identifiable or describable exceptionally grave damage to national security,” which is, of course, the government’s main objection to their release. ”




Federal Appeals Court Rules Illinois Cannot Maintain Its Flat Ban On Concealed-Carry






 ” There are certain constants to life in Illinois. Abraham Lincoln has always been revered. The Cubs always find a way to lose. Lake Michigan never goes dry. Letting citizens carrying concealed firearms is out of the question.

But one of those is no longer true. Tuesday, a federal appeals court said the state cannot maintain its flat ban on concealed-carry—a policy that makes it unique among the 50 states. In 2008, the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to have and use a gun for self-protection. Extending the logic of that decision, the appeals court said this freedom includes the right to carry a weapon outside the home.

“A Chicagoan is a good deal more likely to be attacked on a sidewalk in a rough neighborhood than in his apartment on the 35th floor of Park Tower,” wrote Judge Richard Posner. “To confine the right to be armed to the home is to divorce the Second Amendment from the right of self-defense…” ”



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