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A Budget Of Wimps



” If you weighed 1,000 pounds, would people notice you lost weight if you went down to 999 pounds?

  In Congress, the Republicans feared there would be another shutdown they would be blamed for.  They compromised with Democrats and presented a budget of wimps.  During the next ten years, they will cut spending by $23 billion.  The sequester, which would have cut the budget by much more than that, was done away with for fear it would keep politicians from wasting more money.  What about the debt ceiling that we will have to raise?  The Democrats complain about trickle-down economics in which the rich invest in the economy, create jobs, and purchase expensive things that again require people to service them.  They practice it all the time when they privately invest their money to produce a return that is much larger than what retired people receive from Social Security.”









We Don’t Know What Is Worse ; A President Who Is An Idiot , Or One That Thinks We Are




From Obama’s Rose Garden speech of 10/2 :


” For example, one of the most important things Congress has to do in the next couple weeks is to raise what’s called the debt ceiling. And it’s important to understand what this is. This is a routine vote. Congress has taken this vote 45 times to raise the debt ceiling since Ronald Reagan took office. It does not cost taxpayers a single dime. It does not grow our deficits by a single dime. It does not authorize anybody to spend any new money whatsoever. All it does is authorize the Treasury to pay the bills on what Congress has already spent.” 



Candidate Obama held a different view of the debt ceiling :



Now we come to candidate Obama pronouncing a litany of financial promises , all of which were nothing but bulls..t :




Here is a video that explains the debt limit in easy to understand terms :

And finally we have a simple video that explains the national debt in terms of taking a road trip :

Remember though , none of this “costs the taxpayers a single dime . “

Can This Happen, Please? Maybe Without Washington “Taking Care Of Us” People Will Figure Out How To Do A Few Things For Themselves




” Any number of grandstanding D.C. types have now magnanimously declared that they will not accept those portions of their $174,000 salaries that might come during a possible government shutdown. The question is why they get paid the rest of the time.

If Congress had passed an actual FY 2014 budget back in the spring like they were supposed to, the federal government would not be on the verge of losing its spending authority. If Congress could manage its finances like you and I have to do, it would not be desperately seeking yet another increase in the phony “debt ceiling,” which is not a ceiling at all but merely an occasional to schedule another vote to raise said “ceiling.”

If you can get paid for perpetrating this kind of fraud on a regular basis, you are no hero for eschewing a paycheck when you spend a few days tripping over your own dereliction of duty.

That said, shut the thing down.

Lefties shriek that we just don’t realize how many essential things the government does. They inspect the meat! They control the air traffic! They fix the highways! They control disease! You don’t want to do without any of that, do you? 

Yes, it’s true that we rely on the federal government to do many things. But it’s also true that in many cases we would be better off if we did not, and necessity is the mother of invention. If the most inefficient, political, self-serving institution has been providing you with bread since long before anyone can remember, and then one day the institution grinds to a halt . . . flour, yeast, hey Bob, I think we’ve got something here! Add a little oil and you can make pizza dough! Why were we paying those people? “



Illustration by AF Branco